Saturday, March 31, 2007

Blast from the Past 5 and 6

30 Friday
Week 13 89-276

Cleaned the house again and I thought last week would be the end of it for a while. Our Second Baby is due today, but as I write this at five to eleven in the evening there is still no sign of it coming. I hope it comes soon, each day it gets bigger by approximately 2 oz. I really want a baby, not a one month old size to begin with. I guess Aunt Lil will be disappointed because today is her Birthday.

31 Saturday
Week 13 90-276

What a strange day today. It poured down rain at breakfast and by lunch the sun was shining. I was very sleepy today. I laid down twice which is a first for me. Dick felt like he was coming down with a cold, but I sure hope not. My rocking chair didn't come again today. That makes two days I've waited for it! I wonder what will arrive first, the chair or the Baby. I hope the latter! I thought I had show today, but I'm not sure. Typical of me I'm afraid.

Well for beginners, let me tell you right off. I must have been off my nut to clean so much. I sure don't do that anymore, but then again, maybe it was because I had little Cathy running around and I needed to keep it more cleanly! And that rocking chair, well let's just say, it arrived after April did, and it is now in her computer room. A fine Canadian made chair it is too,but the back is too upright for really comfy rocking which is still a disappointment to me! It turns out many years later we bought dining room chairs made by the same company. Amy never mentioned in the diary for obvious reasons, now has these chairs.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blast from the Past 5

Thursday 28
Week 13 -- 88-277

Income Tax return mailed today. A dull day today and I thought the sun would last! I had really wanted to hang out Cathy's diapers and clothes. There's nothing like sunshine and fresh air on clothes. We finally get paid tomorrow. Boy I canno believe how broke we got. Our cupboards are barer than Mother Hubbard's today. I called Wendy for tomorrow evening so we can go shopping -- I'm sure I'll still be here.

I remember the days-- diaper days and pay days. I still have a clothes line and just love the way towels get crispy on the line, that is just the best. We only got paid once a month, and we really stretched that penny I can tell you. Well tomorrow is pay day for me to. My second last before I retire. Only 1 more Friday, and then 2 days next week--it's going to go fast!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Countdown is On!

Only 1 more Wednesday
Only 2 more Thursdays
Only 1 more Friday
And my debt to society, er,
My work life committment is coming to an end!
No cakes, no toasts, no flowers, no muss, no fuss,
A free agent I shall be evermore.
Free to roam, free of alarm clocks,
Free to answer the telephone, but only if I want to.
Free to be me -- at last.
I'm getting off the rollercoaster called work.
I can feel it coming. Excitement, Expectations, Happiness, Joy!

Blast From the Past, Part 4B

27 Tuesday
Week 13 86-279
Ooops, posted today's yesterday, so today I post yesterday's today!

It was supposed to rain today, ha the sun gave us a great 50 degrees today. I dried clothes on the line, was it ever nice. After school Dick took us (Cathy and I) back to Richmond High to see the best of the water colours his grade 11s and 12s did. It really made me feel proud to see the results of Dick's labours. The Academy Awards were on TV tonight. The Godfather was Best Picture, Liza Minelli, Best Actress (for Cabaret) and Marlon Brando, Best Actor (The Godfather). Brando refused his award because of the Indian Situation in America. Good for him--I admire a cause like that.

Sunny yesterday and today too. I still love watching the Academy Awards. And as for causes, well depending on what it is, yup, I admire people who stand up for what they believe in!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Blast From the Past, Part 4

1973 March

Wednesday 28

Week 13 87 - 278

While I was seeing Dr. Lepawsky this afternoon Dick took Cathy out into the warm sunshine. We've been really lucky with our weather, I know it's too much to hope but I hope it lasts till Summer! The Baby now weighs about 8 lbs. 3 oz., it gained almost a lb. in a week. When it kicks me it feels as though my whole tummy shifts to the side. Dr. L. still stubbornly insists we're having a Boy. I'll say at least that the heartbeat was only 140 instead of 150 something!

This afternoon, this darling baby that I was carrying, not an "it", but a beautiful April, took her precious little girl Abby out for a walk in the sunshine! Ah, how the big wheel keeps on turning.

(April and Abby taken last Fall)

Today Was A Wonderful Day

Spring is definitely in the air. Can you feel it? The warm sunshine on your dark clothes, mmm, it feels so good.
Today, I got a sense of what it will be like to be retired and it feels so good.
Because of my impending birthday, I needed to renew my driver's license. It went so smoothly. I enquired where to go, the lady gave me a ticket and said "you'll be next". By the time I found a seat and looked at the various numbers posted in red, I heard a bell or a buzz and someone asked me, "are you E141?", yup and before I could say, wham, bam, thank you mam, I was done!
We drove to "Old Langley", Salt Lane to be precise, found a parking spot, had lunch at a little place called Dots where the service was friendly, and the homemake pea-soup and grilled cheese sandwich were really tastey. Dick left me with a refilled cup of coffee and a "free" newspaper to read, and made his way to the Barber Shop, the same one where he had taken Cameron on New Year's eve, and got a fine looking hair cut. After that we wandered into a second hand book store and found a couple of books, not at great prices, but they will certainly be good reads. We got back in the car and made our way to an office supply store and scouted out new telephones, and then we went into a Mountain something sporting goods store and bought a really fine jacket for Dick. He looks so handsome in it. It was made for him!
We got home, I made a cuppa for each of us, and while Dick read in the living room, I sat outside on a sunny bench on your back deck and soaked up some rays. Mmm, it felt so good.
I think I'm really going to like this new gig, called retirement!

Monday, March 26, 2007

2007 Is an Exciting Year

In about 18 days, Easter Sunday to be exact, I will be turning the big-60! And come, April 5, I truly and officially RETIRE. Yippee! Only 5 more days of working, and earning a living, yowsers! I love my job and I'm good at what I do, but the time has come for a change of pace. Sleep in every day, if I want to. Go walking with my man at the crack of dawn, if I want to. Work out at the pool, if I want to. Go see my grandkids, if I want to. Take our moms out to lunch, if I want to. Lose lots of weight, because I MUST. It's time to start taking care of me.

No longer will I be restricted to Monday and Tuesday only. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays will be mine, all mine! I can't quite believe it myself, but it shall be so.

And on July 15th, we celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. What a year, what a year.

No matter what happens during this wonderful year, 2007. It is loaded with possibilities. And I say, bring it on, I'm ready!

Blast from the Past, Part 3

March 1973
26 Monday
Week 13 86-280
We went to our last class this evening. Another dropout, Marnie and Dennis "M" had a boy, 7 something yesterday. Pat and Brian "B" and the "D" are expecting right about now too. Maybe we'll meet in the hospital. Helga gave the baby a really cute knit suit from Holland for Cathy, a pair of white leggings. Are they ever cute. I cooked "Big Daddy" his favourite today -- cabbage rolls. Did he ever like them. The rest are for him while I'm in V.G.H.
Would you believe the same Helga who gave us gifts ended up many years later, being Cathy and Cliff and Cameron's neighbour at the townhouse? Small World.
And as for Cabbage Rolls, they are still "big daddy's favourites", but now big momma, is lazy and makes lazy cabbage rolls instead. Isn't amazing how much more energy you have as a youngster? I am really feeling my +++++59 age!

A Date With Miss Abby

I think it's been close to 3 weeks since I saw our youngest grandaughter, Abby. Today was the day we changed that. When I knocked at the door, well actually Abby's momma was knocking at me from the inside. The door opened and who to my woundrous eyes did appear but April holding the cutest little baby in Ladner (don't tell the other Ladner Moms, I am of course just slightly prejudiced, which I am sure all Ladner momma's would agree, was only right!), Abby all smiles and happy in her pink and white sleepers with the bunny rabbit on the bumbum.

She remembered me!

We three had a delightful visit. Sadly Pappa stayed home with a cold.

Abby showed me how she could suck on her tootsy-toes, stand in her exersaucer, tell a story, and smile to beat the band. After a short little visit, she became just a tiny bit sleepy, but let me tell you she fought sleep all the way, that is, until she finally closed her big, blue eyes on my shoulder, where she slept for about an hour. She awoke with such a beautiful smile for me. She is truly just a little darling.

Four hours later back at the front door, Abby's face all alight with smiles, I made my getaway. Man that's a hard one.

See you next week ladies. I love you so.

I am blessed with grandchildren and daughters and sons. How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blast From the Past, Part 2

1973 March, Sunday 25 Week 12 84-281

Cathy fell head first into the tub today. I just about had a heart attack grabbing her. She didn't cry or even act scared, I think that is amazing. Dick worked out the New Income Tax Form today while I did the laundry and dishes. We get about $60.00 back-what a neat surprise. This afternoon we drove over to Dick's parents, but they were out. No wonder, it was just beautiful out. If it weren't for the wind it would have been lovely and warm out.

I wonder what this new week will bring. Will there be three or four of us at this time next week? Fixing up everything for the new baby is every bit as exciting the second time around. I can hardly wait to have you in my arms. All that wee need to do now is pick out your name. We chosen so many, we can't decide.

Well $60 wouldn't go very far today would it? But back in the 70s that was big money! Sunny Sunday in 1973, Sunny Sunday in 2007. I hope you all had a lovely day today.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Little Girls, Little Girls

Pappa and I had fun today, two of our little girls, Caroline and Catie came over to play while the "older" portion of the family went out to play.

Catie reminded me of her Aunty April, as she walked around with these two beenie babies, April's, the orange one and Mommy's, the pink one, hatless, and bald, it took me back 30+ years!

Poor little Caroline has a horrible cough and a runny nose, but that didn't stop her smiling from ear to ear. She was talking away and walking away pushing this little "activity table" across the floor.

We had such a lovely day. Pappa and Nanny one-on-one--terrific fun. We have to do that again really soon.

m m m m m m m m m m

Colds must be in the air, after the little ones left, I spoke to April and Miss Abby now has a cold also, and just moments ago, I hung up after speaking to my mom, and my Brother, Richard has a cold too. It's got to be all the damp weather. We're never drying out! I'm not certain, but I think my toes are beginning to web!

Tales From My Past

24 March 1973--Saturday SR 6:55 SS 7:20
Week 12, 83/282

A few days ago my beloved was in the office and opposite my computer is our bookcase, and on one of the shelves in the bookcase was my Journal from 1973, the year our beloved April was born. The funny thing is, the days of the week are the same in 1973 and 2007! I must look for some old calendars I kept from the year April was born! Now where is that box of Baby Books?

This is the journal entry, just days before April was born...

Today we rearranged our bedroom to accommodate the new baby. We think the room looks really nice, it will seem strange in there we finally move her/him? in with Cathy. Today was really a busy time and I really got worn out. But, I'm afraid this is an occupational hazard for a pregnant lady. I had to wash my hair again, boy does it ever get oily fast 2-3 days and it needs washing. This evening I wrote a letter for Dick about getting a day off with pay. I sure hope we get it.

Too funny, oily hair. Mat leave pay for daddy. Gee my life hasn't really changed all that much!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Happiness Is . . .3

Today as Dick and I were returning home from Staples to pick up Sunday's Church bulletins--don't ask--I looked to my right and in the car right beside us was family, my family, our family, my handsome son with his welcoming smile was smiling at me!
I don't know how many times we've driven up and down 200th Avenue and never ever saw anyone we recognized. Which in large part has to do with moving to a new area. When we lived in Richmond, it was a rare day when we went out and didn't see someone we knew or at least recognized.
We pulled over and got out of the car, hoping that we could meet up for coffee, but alas, Caroline whose little face we didn't get to see today and Catie, were both sleeping. But Cameron with his new haircut, and Claire and Carly were all smiles. By the time we determined that Cathy and Cliff were on a mission--many stops--and on top of that, sleeping kidletts, Catie woke up.
While we weren't able to do anything together today, that short, brief, unexpected encounter made my day. Any day with family is a good one. Hope you got all your shopping done!

Friday, March 02, 2007

February 24-26 A Few Pictures

I don't know why the big white space between pixs and text so scoll down! I'm technologically inept when it comes to this type of thing, so my apologies to you dear reader!

Last weekend was pretty busy around here, this weekend--more what we are used to living in The Grove, a quieter weekend!
In random order as I load the pictures in, everything from Claire's 6th Birthday, from eating lunch in our tiny kitchen (Cameron and Carly do you remember the carrot biting competition to see how loud we could be?), (take note Cathy-clutter, clutter, clutter!) to Cake, to sleeping baby on the couch in all the commotion, G.G. arriving as the kidlets were making welcome home signs for Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler. Amy and Tyler arriving home at VIA and part of the Greeting Committee--the pretty part, April and Abby and the famous sign April made for Amy and Tyler and the snow picture I tried to take with the full memory card using April's digital camera, but had to use my old technology instead. (Amy and Tyler can you see the lovely potted plant you gave me for my birthday last year? The Heather is in bloom, and if you look closely, you will see the snowdrops in bloom in the large green pot-these are you Dad's favourite flowers!) Also, a picture I just love of Cathy with her Daddy after I had given her permission to give him a smack for acting silly, but these October babies stick together and she said "she couldn't do that to her daddy" so she hugged him around the neck instead and I took the picture!
There were other pictures too of the beautiful Miss "K" greeting her daddy, and a lovely one of her sitting on the carpet waiting for them to arrive through customs, with the sign she made to welcome them home, but I don't feel free to add those to my blog without permission, so you will just have to take my word for it-that, she is: a) beautiful and b) a lovely little girl and c) and that we think the world of her!