Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Happiness Is . . .2

Happiness is, having my beautiful grandaughter fall asleep on me.

Happiness is, rubbing my two year old grandaughter's little bare feet.

Happiness is, hearing from our Ladner Momma that her beauty slept the night through.

Happiness is, picking up grandaughter number 1 at Kindergarten all smiley and pink and warm.

Happiness is, knowing Pappa and grandaughter number 2 are going skating.

Happiness is, reading James and the Giant Peach to our grandson after a week's absence.

Happiness is, looking at daughter number 1's baby album with her over tea.

Happiness is, answering the telephone to find it is travelling daughter on the other end and hearing about her awesome adventures in Thailand. They are having a wonderful vacation.

Happiness is, a roasted chicken dinner with enough leftovers for a casserole today.

Happiness is, watching the piles of snow melt in our back yard.

Happiness is, speaking to my mother on the telephone and her relating a 3 word conversation my niece had with her son as she was putting him to bed, telling him how cozy he was in his PJs. The three words tree, box, paper. My great-nephew was telling her that he got his PJs for Christmas! (I believe this is how it went. This story was told to me by my mother, who was told of the conversation by my sister-in-law, about her darling grandson, my Great-nephew who turned 2 in October). He is so clever and so cute!

Happiness is, 32 more days! That's all I'll say about that!

I hope whoever reads this will have a page full of happiness to write or think about!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lost in Never, Neverland

I didn't realize how addictive having a computer was until my monitor went black! I missed my e-mails and blog updates, my iceburg radio and sitting in my office.

I'm back now though. The monitor was still under warranty and the kind people who fixed it took my husband's concerns for me seriously. He told them we have a daughter treking around Thailand and this is our only means of getting in touch with them. Would you believe by the time we got home that afternoon from dropping it off, they phoned and said we could pick it up tomorrow morning. Now that's service! And sure enough, e-mails from Amy and Tyler were there waiting for us. Those and about a 1,000 spam e-mails!

In the meantime our newest little one was Baptised and we celebrated in style at April and Nick's, Cathy and family are reroofed, (And Cathy I did read the small print-tsk, tsk!) and all is well with the world!

I share some pictures from Abby's Baptism and a picture with a story behind the story that makes me laugh!

In July, Dick and I will celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary and it was my bright idea to have a huge family portrait taken. Can't you picture it all now. Dick and I, our three beautiful daughters and their partners, and 7 kids, all dressed in the same coloured t-shirts (ya right Allyson!) Sitting as still as turtles on a sunny rock. Only one problem -- that would be the herding of the cats, I mean, the Grandkids. It probably ain't gonna happen. When we tried to have our picture taken last Sunday with the 6-pack, we had 1 crying baby,wanting her momma, the guest of honour for the day sitting on my lap and in various forms an extra child or two while the others were running away! It's gonna be tough on our photographer but somehow, which I call BRIBERY, we will do it. Did I tell you I'm an optimist?

Amy and Tyler if your are reading this, know we love you and miss you and look forward to more missives on your travels in Thailand. (And if you enlarge the group shot you will see a sign.) Happy Travelling.

Friday, January 12, 2007

No Blackmail Pictures from Me!

The trouble with glasses, being busy and just plain out of it, is this:

On New Year's Day I brought my camera over to Cathy and Cliff's and took these delightful pictures of the family. Cathy and Cliff thought we might use them as blackmail for something or other and I assured them that I wouldn't.

Then just before Amy and Tyler left for Thailand, I took these fantastic shots of them. Moved them so the light wouldn't appear behind them. Placed them just so in our front hallway. The pictures would be excellent I assured them.

Then, the other morning as Dick was shovelling snow, he decided to take a nice shot of the house all draped in sparkling snow. How gorgeous would that shot be!

Only trouble was, all this time, there wasn't any film in the CAMERA! I'm losing it I tell ya!

One thing I know for certain, those pictures would have been ever so nice, so I'll keep them in my mind's eye.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You Be The Judge

I'm crushed to find that Caroline doesn't look as much like me as I had remembered from my baby picture. You be the judge! I couldn't find the finished picture, but I can tell you that the photographer at least made our eyes the same colour - brown! But reality, I have to leave the brown beautys to my Grandchildren, Nanny has blue eyes.

Find the Ruler!

If only I had a digital camera I would try to show you where the foot long ruler is hidden on our back deck! Using one of our daughter's vintage yellow school rulers, I thought I'd just see for myself how much snow has fallen. Much to my surprise it kept going down, down, down, until the top edge was hidden about an inch or so under the level snowcover. Yosers, Yosers, Yosers!

The snow continues to fall and if this keeps up we will be hip deep soon. Let's hope the weatherman really knows what he's talking about when we tune in at 6:00 p.m.! Is it just me, or do you think they are way too overpaid for what they do? If you and I did so badly at our jobs, there's be a note put on our files!

Some Things I am Thankful For

As I look out the window as I am creating today's blog, I realized I have so much to be thankful for. Here are just some of the things I came up with on this snowy winter day.

My darling husband, who at this very moment is outside of my "office" window knocking all of the snow off our hedge so that it won't break under the weight.

My cleared driveway courtesy again, of my beloved. (Even though it looks like he'll have to do it again soon!)

That my clever, handsome, No. 1 Son Cliff, made yesterday his last day at UBC and avoided the snowy drive there and back. Who knows how much that would have added to his already very long commute. But not anymore, right Cliffie? xo

That my adventurous Daughter Amy and her handsome, loveable T left for Thailand yesterday in the wind! We haven't heard from them yet, but according to my Time Calculator on my desktop it is only 5:55 a.m. Thursday morning! I hope they are sleeping. They are going to have a wonderful adventure in Thailand and I'm darn certain, it's not snowing there today.

I am grateful for my lovely daughters, Cathy and April and their husbands who love them so. Especially when they say such wonderful things about them in my presence. Those beautiful guys know a way to a M-I-L's heart!

My 6-pack of Grandchildren and T's beautiful daughter, "K" which for us really makes up the Magnificent 7. Especially when she told us on Boxing Day that she wants to call us Nanny and Pappa too. Wow that was very special for us because she is such a joy and a delight.

All of the delightful e-mails I receive from friends and family. And may I say how delightful it is to receive so many e-mails from my daughter's friends, Laura and Cari, Wendy and May to name but a few! I love that.

I have a friend Yvonne of whom I'm very fond! (these were words that I made up for a class project when we were in Grade 7 or 8, I only wish I could remember what followed. ) But the first part is STILL TRUE. My dear, dear Friend Yvonne has completed her last Chemo! YAY. Hang in their my dear friend!

An e-mail from my cousin in Winnipeg, we never, ever would have "written" each other a letter.

Dick and I are grateful to everyone who took time out to e-mail, Blog comments, send cards, leave messages on our telephone conveying their sorrow on Dick's Dad's passing. It was 1 month ago on Monday. We miss you Dad.

I love how the Fab-5, run down the stairs when I arrive and storm me with hugs, calls and kisses. On Monday Carly was the only one at the window awaiting my arrival and that of her mom's so that she could start her first day at her new Preschool! She came home so happy and delighted with her morning. That makes me so happy.

Of picking up Claire from Kindergarten that same morning. How she weaved in and out of other parents, calling out my name "Nanny, Nanny, Nanny" arms outstretched while running to me. Her toasty, warm little hands - priceless.

Sitting together with Catie and Caroline on their little green couch. All smiley and guishy!

Of my 7:00 p.m. nightly telephone conversation with my Grandson discussing the day's events and reading a chapter or two of Charlie and Chocolate Factory to him. I haven't read that since our girls were young and it is wonderful to get reaquainted with books like that and read to someone special. I don't know which of us is enjoying that more, Cameron or I.
For both of our Mothers. How courageous and brave they both are.
Only 42 more days! That's all I'll say about that.
Today I have so much to be grateful for but I can't end this blog without mentioning:
That I will be so happy when my Nephew Kirby arrives home. His Grandmother passed away in Newfoundland so he has been with his Family remembering, reflecting and saying Goodbye. Travel Safe Kirby.
I will be so happy for my Niece Andrea when her Kirby comes home. Snow, Childcare, changing her office hours which means her little man, my Great-Nephew is in his safe, and wonderful Childcare extra hours this week. Pulling all that extra duty-we are thinking of you.
My Brother Rich was supposed to leave for Hinton, Alberta. I wonder if the "blizzard" allowed this, if it did, then my sis, Lilli is all alone during this snowy time! Take care both of you!
My dear friends Silvana and Earl as Earl takes his recovery days, one at a time. Hang in their dear friends -- we keep you in our prayers.
My cousin Alan in Winnipeg, struggling and fighting, supported by his wife Dawn, and sons and sister-in-laws and nephews and nieces! We send out our love and we keep you in our prayers.
As the snow continues to fall, I count my blessings for all of the people in and out of our daily lives. You are all like snowflakes, unique, individual and beautiful. Drive safely. Happy Snow Days everyone! And Amy and Tyler if you are reading this, Travelling Mercies-talk to you soon!