Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's Going To Be Fine in 2000 and 9!

In a few short hours, 2008 will roll away. It was a year of great joy and deep sadness. Love lost and love found.

I believe I always start the year with optimism but usually by February the optimism turns to mush and in the case of 2008, a lot of snow, and reality sets in. Perhaps the party hats, and twislers that had been put away, were put away too soon. Maybe that would have boosted up the good vibes had I blown them a little while longer.

When last year shined its' happy beams, we had no idea that we would help friend's celebrate their 40th in Osoyoos, or that my beloved and I would go on a cruise and a visit to Vegas. We hadn't anticipated that Valentine's day would mark the knowledge that our dear friend Earl's cancer had returned with even more of a vengence than the first bout. We grieve for Silvana, Cliff, Cathy and their children. We hadn't expected the wonderful news, when we needed it the most, that we were to be grandparents again in March-this was our 41st Anniversary present. Sadly this little angel Baby wasn't to be and we grieved the loss for April and Nick and Abby and for the rest of our family. And on that very sad, same day, we received the most wonderful news, Tyler had proposed to our daughter Amy! We celebrate that joy with Amy and Tyler, love found and a promise is made.

2008 also brought via Facebook connections to old friends and new. From cousins in Rupert, Calgary, Winnipeg and The Netherlands to friends from our Richmond days who we seldom see. It has been wonderful to share our stories and pictures, our thoughts and their responses to mine have been supportive, affirmative, uplifting, giggly, and crazy.

As we embark on 2009 our family is filled with great anticipation for the wedding of youngest daughter Amy, to her beloved, Tyler. That is all we know of 2009. As far as I'm concerned, 2009 is already a winner!

My prayer for you reading this last blog of 2008 is that even though you can't be certain about too many things, I pray that you whatever you have to face, you do so with courage, humility, grace and good humour. I will try to do the same.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Plan "C" Christmas

In my previous blog, I stated that Plan "A" was for everyone to make it to our house for Christmas. The initial plan was to have Cliff and Cathy and the 6 Little "Cs" over for a 5:00 o'clock dinner, with Amy and Tyler arriving after their shifts for re-heats and merriment. Well, that didn't work out.

The long table, waiting for guests that would never arrive!

Plan "B" was to wait a day and see if roads improved in the neighbourhood and hold a Boxing Day dinner instead. Well, that didn't work out either.

On Christmas morning it became apparent that this was going to be a more intimate affair as Cathy, Cliff and the 6 Little Cs and Cliff's Mom Silvana, wouldn't be able to navigate their side streets. After conferring with Amy hard at work at E-Comm, we had decided to cook the turkey and all the trimmings and have just the two of them over for an 8:00 p.m. Christmas dinner, because Tyler has this 4 wheel drive truck with huge (to me) wheels that are getting them through anything and everything.

What I hadn't planned on was a Plan "C", C=Christmas?, but really it should be called Plan "M" for A Moore Merry Christmas! Our soon to be son-in-law- in a mere 28 days - suggested that he and Amy pick us up, dinner accoutrements and all, and take it to Cathy and Cliff's house. It would be late, but it would be Christmas with all of the family! That DID work out.

The little red "sleigh" all loaded with goodies!

We arrived at their home, with all of the food, presents for the little ones, wine and desserts to find their dining room adorned with white table cloths, Christmas poppers, candles and perfection. Just as if it had been in the plans to do it that way all along. It was really quite wonderful to sit down with the marjority of our family (April, St. Nick and Abby) were dining with Nick's family closer to their home (that too had been the plan, and it was most fortunate this year that it was). By about 9:00 p.m. we all sat down, said grace, and ate to our hearts content. Sharing love and laughter, proud of the 6 little Cs as they sat with us, so politely. It was as if they too appreciated what it means to be surrounded by love and family on the holiest night of the year. What a wonderful day it had been afterall!

Thankfully Amy got some pictures of the lovely table and of course the truck full of goodies so I have added them too. Also a few including the long empty table that I was about to set up when the plans changed. Other than the Grands not seeing how beautifully their Pappa fixed up the children's dining hall, I think it worked out even nicer this way. The children that were tired, Catie fell asleep first on the couch downstairs, and 2 x 2 like the animals in Noah's Ark, off they went to bed. The only little one left when we took our leave, was The Bean--she was too excited to sleep!

I had to take this picture, the star was drooping like many of us when we took our leave after a wonderful Christmas!

What a lovely day it was. So I dedicate this blog to my soon to be son number 3, Tyler, for saving the day! Did I tell you, that Tyler's truck is a reddish colour and I can't help but think of a certain someone's red Sled!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas 2008

Wishing each and everyone a Blessed Christmas!

The weather outside is frightful (ly) beautiful, it will no doubt cause a lot of plans to change, but there is naught can be done about it. I remember one year we ate lasagna for Christmas not weather related, but you remember the Christmas. I am hoping Cathy, Cliff and the 6 little Grands will be here, but our street is in very bad shape. I am hoping too, that Amy and Tyler can make it in from Vancouver after their shifts tomorrow, but I'm not sure if they'll make it. Plan B: Turkey on Boxing Day. But I'd love Plan A better.

Where ever you are, whatever you do, may you find quiet moments of peace, and contentment. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Love Comes Down for Christmas

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I get a little teary-eyed thinking about it. Our baby, is getting married in a few short weeks and her sisters planned a wonderful Winter Wedding Tea for her. It was perfection down to the last detail. April and Cathy you are amazing women. With so much going on in your lives and a scant 5 days before Christmas you managed to turn the Bride-To-Be into a Princess for a Day!

Two beautiful hostesses ready to serve tea!

Some of the festivities!

Oma won the Amy Quiz!

Mother and Daughter sharing a moment!

The beginning of a new Tradition, made by Oma

Cups from Granny from Amy's Grandparent's travels in Canada

Cathy's uber-talented cousin, Nicole made this lovely purse containing necessities for the big day, including a wee drop of Vodka! This is what the purse looks like inside, so beautiful. Nicole said to her Aunty Silvana, "look when you open it, it's like a party inside!" So very true, Nicole. What a lovely purse! It just so happens that Amy and April both travelled to Paris several years ago to visit their friends, Vicky and Dan!

"Just so happened....Green Apples!"

The only "man" at the shower, my great-nephew, Jacob. He made the rounds with his Granny, my sister, Madeleine, and then Aunty Laura.

My beautiful niece, Riki and behind her, Amy's future in-law's. So nice to finally meet Leya, Tyler's Sister, right, and of course his wonderful mom, Marilyn!

This is the only picture I got of Jacob's momma, Angela!

To think, had they planned this lovely day for Sunday rather than Saturday, it wouldn't have been possible with all of the snow. It was meant to be, just as Amy and Tyler are meant to be and this shower is just the beginning of the lovely journey.

Clean up and leave taking!

2 very important men in Amy's life, her Daddy and her Future Mr!