Saturday, March 20, 2010

At the Library With Coco, Catie and Caroline

Local libraries are wonderful places to visit, especially if you have a granddaughter or three to guide you through the intricacies of the various activities available to you. That's what Pappa and I did last week while their talented mommy was taking awesome baby-to-be boudoirs of their Aunty Amy.

First off, you can read books at neat little tables made just for your size small.

You can balance bean bag chairs on your head and wander around.

You can play games! Why you can even colour~but not on the books of course.

And in-between you can sit down with Nanny and read a book from the baskets on the table.

I do believe at least two are reading in this picture!

The Bean also likes carting around the bean bag chair.

Of course there's always a computer programme or two for the little ones to challenge themselves to.
It's Musical Computers everyone!

Or, you can play "hide and seek" under the comfy chairs.

Then again, you can lay on the floor, or Pappa can take his shoes off!

And then you can pose under your hiding chair.

Or, you can lounge around and look at the ceiling.
The possiblities are as endless as your imagination. And when you leave they even put a stamp on your hand. How fun is that!

When I was a young girl of 12 we moved to Vancouver from Kelowna. One of my favourite "big city" things was the weekly Book Mobile that visited our neighbourhood. It was stacked full with books and magazines, especially 17 Magazines! I thought that was just great. I wonder what our Grandchildren will remember best when they look back at their visits to the local library. Will it be the computers? Will it be the stamps? Or might it just possibly be the wonderful books and freedom and kindness you receive when you visit? That might be it. Oh yes, we still asked them to talk quietly, that hasn't changed much, but I can't remember ever having my picture taken while I was there can you?

So for a fun time be sure to check out your library. Remember to bring your camera and your library card you'll be glad you did!