Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Sneak Peak

It was a wonderful day,
and a wonderful way to
remember our 40th!

Vignettes from the Week Past

An elderly man walking along our pathway. So smartly dressed, relying on his cane to get around. Him telling us that his day just got better by talking to us.

The tiny, wild rabbits that scatter as we get close.
They run and hide in the smallest little spaces into the thickets of brambles.

Watching our second youngest grandaughter walk.
Those first tentative steps that will soon turn into a run.

Carly taking such tender care of Catie outside
ensuring that she keep her hat on in the sunshine.
So endearing and caring.

A robin on a fencepost enjoying the rare sunshine.

The scent of honeysuckle on our walk.
I look forward to passing the garden each time.

The scent of the raspberries growing at Fred's house.
Last year on our anniversary Dick picked me a huge bucket full.

Sharing the red lentil soup that Pappa made, with 3 of our grandaughters.
Two of them had seconds, one, wasn't too impressed!

The 86th Birthday Party for my beautiful Mom at Maddie's,
surrounded by almost all of her family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It was a beautiful time together.

38 and a half cents added to the jar on top of the fridge plus the additional find of 17 cents all in one go, obviously someone didn't think they were worth keeping so they tossed them.

I was wondering if I'd find another half penny, and I did! Who'da thought it?

Driving into Oakridge to pick out a 40th Anniversary present for me! So glad that Amy could join us on her day off to help with the choosing. Followed by lunch together, she treated. Thanks Amy!

Sophie, the calico kitten being carried down the street by
three young neighbour girls. One day our grandaughters will
be like that too.

Watching a short snipet of our wedding. Dick's Opa took this footage on his super 8 camera. Surprised that it was a little longer than we had remembered. The best part was watching Dick's Opa give him a big hug after we were married. Ah yes, memories!

Walking out of a movie, crying.
I haven't done that since the time we first saw Elvira Madigan
on the North Shore.
The movie has stayed with both of us for days as we stop
and reflect on our years together.

Plan B for family picture day today.
We all met at Cathy and Cliff's instead of the park.
Too rainy, that is of course until we were half way through!
What a great day! Can't wait to see how they will turn out.

We are truly blessed.
How did we get so lucky?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my Beloved!

Through thick and thin and back again, the constant in my life these almost 40 years is my beloved Dick.

Having children was his gift to me. Way back when, he could take children or leave them, probably the latter. But knowing what it would mean to me to live without them, he gave both of us the hugest gift ever, our three daughters. Three darlings in three years.

He was a man on the cutting edge of daddy's in the delivery room. We attended childbirth classes, and as time progressed we were invited to speak to a group of prospective parents, and he spoke so beautifully and eloquently on what it is like to be a daddy in the delivery room.

I remember him painting and wallpapering the third bedroom in anticipation of our third daughter's birth. This room was on temporary loan to April and at some point during the day we stood her in the crib while we stuggled with this heavy paper. The next morning the first words out of April's mouth was the word "Daddy" as she pointed to the newly papered wall.

When the girls were toddlers and mommy was getting hysterical about something or other, we attended positive parenting classes which helped immensely. But I also know, it was the love and support of my beloved Dick that helped the most.

When our youngest was just 6 weeks old, I needed major surgery which meant 6 days in the hospital. He would place Amy in the snuggli and drive from Richmond to V.G.H. so that I could resume nursing her. And during that same hospital stay, on a stormy thunder and lighting night while I lay sleepless and in a bad state of mind (crying all night long), at the same time Dick was at home sitting on the edge of the bed with the power out and three crying daughters.

I remember him getting out of bed at night to attend to one child or another whether it be for a bad dream or a sick, throwing up child. His favourite story is of a time he heard Amy crying out in the night. He jumped up out of bed, hoping against hope to prevent her from throwing up all over the bedding which had happened so often. Hauling this little child's body over the edge of the bed, face down, in an effort to save the bedding, she cried out, "no daddy, I'm having a bad dream!" I lay in bed laughing my head off.

Or the time Cathy woke up the morning after she had taken a huge fall. We won't go into details right Daddy? The first person she called out for was her Daddy. She said, "I can't see out of my eye". She had the hugest shiner, we've ever seen. Her eye was completely swollen shut. It was scary, but the staff at Richmond Hospital assured us she was fine and she was, but that may account for her fear of heights. (Only kidding!)

Teaching the girls to drive. Teaching 2 of the 3 Art when they were in High School. Being so very proud of the young women they have become, you couldn't ask for a prouder Dad. I can't count the number of times he has told me what wonderful children we have and how awful life would be without them.

Our life is richer than we ever imagined possible, all because of love.
Thank you Honey I love you. Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Remembered

Remembering with love two wonderful Fathers. Mine, Ralph "G." and Dick's, Artur "A."

We'd give anything to sit and hold your hand today Dad. To thank you for all of your love. To thank you for the countless things you did just for us. Your years of service to your countries. Your years and years of work to make a home for us. We can never repay you, but we thank you, we miss you. We miss you terribly. You are in in our hearts and minds today and always.

The picture taken below was of me and my dad when I was little, picinic-ing at Stanley Park!

This picture is of my beloved when he was about 4, I know it was his sister L's 2nd Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my beautiful mother's birthday. She is 86 years young, and when I say young, I mean it. Young at heart, young in spirit, wise beyond measure.

As a little girl growing up my mom was one of the few that worked outside the home. I remember once when I went to Churchill High School mom received a telephone call from a mother who was in a different "tax bracket" than we were, and she called mom about attending the P.T.A. meetings which were held during the daytime. I recall being slightly embarassed that this mom, who also happened to be the mother of one of the girls that I perceived to be the most popular in our class, now knew that my mom worked inside and outside the home! Boy did I have that all wrong! My mom, who could talk to the Premier of the Province, the butcher or office manager with equal grace, ease and intelligence, was a force to be reckoned with and greatly respected. But most of all loved by me, my sister, my brother and my Dad.

My mom, trying to get out the door of the childcare centre where she left my sister and I when she went off to work, and I wanted nothing to do with it. We always needed to put on in-door shoes or slippers I guess and my dear mommy desperate for a way to placate this crying child by negotiating with me and the school to allow me to wear my black patent shoes with buckles. I can still feel, sense, and hear the sound of my foot being strapped into the shoes.

I remember with such pride as my beautiful mom drove our yellow convertible carrying who knows who in the Annual Kelowna Regatta Parade. We didn't care who she was driving around, just that she looked so beautiful!

Another time, my mom driving this same yellow convertible and being pulled over by the police because a yellow convertible, probably with another gorgeous blond driving it, had just been involved in a hold-up or some-such thing only hours before. Did our family ever get a laugh out of that one!

My mom, also known as "Brown Owl" when my sister and I were in Brownies. Virtually knitting the 6 inch squares for us for one of our badges. We were both hopeless, as we twisted and knitted and pearled and sweated and held the wool so tightly around our fingers! Needless to say, neither my sister or I are knitters to this day! Thanks Mom!

Waking up on the morning of my 7th Birthday, to the most beautiful red dress lying at the bottom of my bed. My hard working mother sewed this for me, when? In the middle of the night most likely, just so "her baby" would be surprised and delighted on her birthday. I still am, when I think of this gift today!

My mom, not crying at our wedding because she thought I wasn't. I was. She was brave.

My mom, for the countless times she took our 3 little girls so that her tired out daughter and son-in-law could have a little break.

The countless times we've cried on her shoulder and by the end of the discussion, finding something to laugh about!

Learning what unconditional love means, only the way my mom could for us, and us alone. We are blessed.

Happy Birthday Mom.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vignettes from the Week Past

Two trips into Richmond this week,
can't seem to get the island city out of our blood!

Visiting the dentist for our annual clean and check up.
I just love the ridges rediscovered as you run your tongue against your teeth
and of course the white teeth,
but I don't like the fruity flavour of the flouride treatment!

Adding a Codicil to our Last Will and Testament.
Don't hold your breaths girls, Motor and Diesel
are going to spend, spend, spend!

A lovely lunch with my beloved's Mother.
2 for one coupons and free socks, love and laughter and a few tears too.

Thirty-seven cents added to the jar on our fridge.
It's funny how you count that up, but discount
all the money spent elsewhere!

Several yellow blossoms on our tomato plants,
less rain, more sunshine please.

An afternoon visit with Abby and April.
Our little copper top talking and smiling.
Her voice is so deep and wonderful.

Two new teeshirts for me
and a great brown striped shirt, on sale, for my beloved.
He looks so handsome wearing it.

The wonderful smell of freshly cut grass.

The wonderful discovery in our garden of finding
a "dormant" Yucca Plant getting reading to flower.

Playing a CD and tidying up the house.
A great combo,
you sing, you dance, you dust a little and the house looks great.

Watching a modern version of a barn raising while out walking.
Only this was a new garage wall being erected.
Why didn't I have my camera?

The scent of the wild roses along the path.
Stopping for a hug from by beloved and a promise of coffee
and smelling the wonderful scent at the same time.
It doesn't get any better than that believe me!

A break and breakfast with Cathy.
We are blessed that her beloved gives her the break.
We owe you one Cliffie dear.

Shopping for the "Easter" coloured t-shirts
for all the Grandchildren
in anticipation of our soon to be taken
40th Anniversary photos.
The children are going to look so wonderful.
I can visualize it all now.

Walking to Collossus to see a mid-week movie.
It was so much fun.
Especially when you use your Airmile Coupons,
which includes popcorn and pop!

Finding out that friends at "Our Saviour Lutheran"
read my blog.
Hello Everyone, I miss you all so.

Friday June 8th was my Baptismal Birthday.
Also, the day I first started and then departed 12 years later
as Church Secretary at Our Saviour.

Being so proud of my beloved today as he led the Congregation at
Trinity Lutheran in worship.
He did it so well.

The "wallpaper" on my computer
a close up picture of a pink peony,
taken by Cathy, but lovingly tended by my
Father before he planted it for her.

A crumpet with honey
and a hot cup of tea
that's what I am going to have right now.

I invite everyone who reads this blog to share a memory in my comments.

Yours to enjoy as wallpaper too!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Who Cut the Whiskers Off the Cat or, Catie Has a Mullet

Catie has a mullet! Check out my daughter's website.

Here's the thing, would a child just under three really hide the evidence in the closet or could it have been a sibling?

This is why I ask this question. When I was about 5 or 6 I was accused of cutting the whiskers off our family cat. It might have been Tippy or it might have been Joey. But of one thing I am certain, I didn't do it. This issue has followed me all my life, and if I mentioned it to my 62 year old sister today, she would still accuse me of it. Of course as a child, after a thing like this comes up time after time, after time, you begin to protest too much, why I even smiled about it. So I looked guilty, but honestly I didn't do it. And since it was my sister, not my brother who kept insisting it was me, I think it was her. Why you ask? Well you see, my sister is an electrologist and I think she was working on her craft way back when. Sorry Maddie, I still say it was you! Would an ex-Church lady lie?

Was it Sataaaan?
I think not!

Happy Birthday Richie

Today is my one and only brother's birthday and what a day it is! The sun is shining and quite possibly as I am writing this, he is surrounded by those he loves. His darling Lilli, daughters Erika and Andrea, his hockey partner and son-in-law, Kirby and the really important one, his adorable grandson, Mattie-Bug.

As I was looking for a picture or two to capture the day, I was reminded of how when we lived in Kelowna across from Kelowna General in the big, 3 storey house, when I'd have a bad dream and would begin to cry, my mom would always get up to comfort me. It didn't matter that I was already sharing a bed with my sister or that my teddy bear Timmy were there with me, a bad dream is a bad dream. Possibly out of sleep deprivation or good mothering instincts, mom would ask me "do you want to go in and sleep with Richard?" The answer was always yes. In we'd troop, Timmy, mom and I. She'd settle me in and in no time at all it was back off to dreamland. Safe in the knowledge that my big brother was there to protect me. You know, he never once complained and said what are you doing here?, like many a big brother would. That was just how he was. So here and now Rich, if I never did thank you I am doing so now. Thanks for loving and protecting me. I love you very much.

"Cherish the moment", Rich. Here's to many, many more.

My Brother with the only dog the Geske family ever had. Taken at our home on Alexandra Avenue in Winnipeg.
The resemblance to my nephew Oliver is uncanny.
Look at this smiley little guy in the
little sailor suit (just like his daddy's). My mom sewed it.
Sitting with our Granny.

This is one of my favourites taken when we lived in Kelowna.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Summer of Love

It's official, the Summer of Love has now begun. Exactly 40 years ago today, June 1, 1967, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released.

I remember this "record" so well. My beloved and I were just about 6 weeks away from tying the knot and we purchased the record. The night before our wedding, Tom and Yvonne, Dick and I were decorating the car and after we were finished, we put the record on Mr. & Mrs. Robinson's record player and sang the songs from start to finish from the album cover. It was such fun. After all these years when I listen to the album, I can still anticipate what song comes next. The buck buck bucking of the chicken from Good Morning Good Morning. It is just amazing how a set of songs can bring you right back 40 years.

To those of you reading this who still have the vinyl, put it on and enjoy the ride.

To those of you reading this who have it on CD, put it on and enjoy the ride.

If you are one of the unfortunate few who hasn't heard it from start to finish-go out and buy it tomorrow.

And if you are an i-poder, download now!

"It's getting better all the time!"

Vignettes from the Week Past

Planting my sweetpea plants in the garden.
Hanging the confounded netting, why does it roll like that?

Week's total of found money, 82 cents.
The jar is filling up fast this week.

Sitting on our deck in the very early morning drinking tea, reading a short story
listening to the 5 Canadian Geese honking overhead.
Watching the little swallows exalt in the seedpods on our lilac bush.
No, this place is the best, no, this is!

My tomato plants are filling the pot.
When I snapped off a leaf - oh that aroma.

Making Abby giggle as I wiggled my flipflops.
What a wonderful laugh.

Catie saying "play with me"
Of course little darling.

Pappa taking Carly on a field trip to an equestrian centre,
riding a horsey named River.

Turning the corner and spying Cathy and Cameron and Claire
as they walked to school.
Rolling down the window and having these two delightful children
run to the car and to give and receive their kisses--
their little cheeks still had the early morning coolness on them.
That spells heaven to me.

The baby apples growing on our trees.
Dreaming of the Apple Betty and pink Apple Sauce that awaits us.

Caroline walking on her knees.
So very close to standing up, but not quite ready for primetime.

Having coffee with my dear Friend Yvonne.
Having tea with Cathy.
Having tea with April.
Missing Amy
and looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

Tyler turned 37!
Wishing you every happiness TDM!

My CPP has kicked in-yippee hear me shout.
My first of many I hope.

Lunch with my mother
and being surprised that my dear sister Maddie could come too.
So delightful to catch up-just the 3 of us.

Planning the 40th Anniversary Pictures.
Finally a plan, khaki and yellow.
Just like the yellow roses in my wedding bouquet.

Walking hand in hand with my beloved in the
warm evening sun after a delightful dinner out.

A blue moon on Thursday.
It was so beautiful peeking out behind the cedar trees.

Admiring the beautiful orange poppy plant that my dad planted.
The exuberance of those delicate petals contrasted by
the blackness inside, what a vision.