Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vignettes from the Week Past

An evening drive with my beloved
out near Fort Langley.
Seeing the vast fields of green, perfect sod.

Sleeping in until 10:00 a.m. after a restless night's sleep.

Viewing April's blog with those laughter filled wedding pictures.

Viewing Cathy's baby blog, reading about the thumpety thump thump
heartbeat of our expected Grandchild.

A surprise 60th Birthday Dinner for my friend Yvonne.

Watching the peonys that my dad dug out of his garden for me
come into the most incredible blooms.

The pictures of Abby in her new PJ's.
All of her beautiful red/auburn hair.

Planning the pictures that will be taken to celebrate
our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

An unexpected but delightful evening driving to and from
Richmond with Cathy.
Just having the time for us to chat uninterrupted.
Sitting beside her at the birthday meal and being
so proud of her.

Changing Caroline's diaper, and blowing raspberries
on her bare tummy.
Her falling swifty asleep in my arms.
Reminders of my days as a very young mom.

Just missing seeing April, Nick and Abby at Cathy and Cliff's!

Making plans with Amy to go see Bette Midler.

Purchasing a People Magazine because I know a certain someone is already
planning for Halloween.

Watching Carly, Claire and Cameron as they
sat beside us at Church.
Angels in Church, that's what they were.

Watching Catie and her Pappa walk up the street.
She so tiny and sweet, with her little skirt swaying
as she walked so perkily.
I couldn't take my eyes off her.

The smell and look of our newly cut lawn.

Walking up 204 Avenue to have dinner with my Mom.

Admiring my tomato plants already filling out in the pot.

Meeting an elderly couple on our walk the other night.
Betty and Ray.
She said we were the first nice people she had met since they moved
here 10 years ago! That can't really be true, but it was so nice of
her to say so.

A 101 year old man at McDonalds today.
How is face lit up when a tiny little girl said hello to him.

Loving my husband.

April and Nick's Wedding Day

Just one more picture-isn't it a beaut? This one includes Cathy and "Catie". Can you tell I think my girls are just beautiful. I love how Nick is peeking out under Cathy's umbrella. A lovely memory of a glorious day.

A Five Penny Walk or The Streets Are Paved With Gold!


My beloved and I have been walking together since our three girls were old enough to be left alone for a half an hour. Cathy was left in charge, as she was probably 12 and of an age where it was legal to leave them. We took off to walk the dykes in West Richmond which were only about 5 minutes away by foot. It was wonderful to be on our own, just the two of us. And let's face it, no matter what, our girls would have assured us that they were fine to be left on their own. I don't even want to know what they got up to when we walked away!

The point of this being that as we walked, it wouldn't be uncommon to find a coin or two dropped that had dropped out of someone's pocket. For many a year, we just stooped down and picked it up, and pocketed our "bounty". Finding coins became almost as regular as our walks. Noticing a trend, we decided it would be fun to collect it all up in a glass juice jar, the little individual ones that were popular years ago, just to see how much we collected. Thus began the habit of a lifetime. I cannot walk by a penny without stooping down and scooping it up.

In addition to a lot of foreign coinage, we have found loonies and twoonies, pennys, nickles, dimes, quarters and $2.bills when they were in vogue. The biggest finds were $5, $10, and $20 bills-believe me those were exciting days! One time walking down a totally deserted pathway with not a soul in sight, I found $40.00. I felt bad about that, because I knew someone was going to be upset at a loss like this.

I must put in here also, that my darling Dad still holds the record. He found a one hundred dollar bill all rolled up really, really tightly. Probably used for snorting coke. He noticed it but didn't realize it was money when he got out of his car at Willowbrook Mall, he kicked it with his foot. On the way out of the store it was still there so he stooped down to investigate and sure enough $100 dollars. (It's long gone people, so don't come after me for reimbursement!)

I can't tell you just how many juice jars were filled and refilled, each time tossing the bounty into a plastic baggie waiting to be counted. Before we moved to The Grove, we decided the time was right to total it all up and "cash in". The result was astounding. The grand total was $192.32! Not too shoddy for roadkill money.

When we moved to The Grove, we thought, should we bother with "collecting", aw, why not we decided. Yesterday is was a dime, today a 5 penny walk. Not all at once mind you--two in one spot, three at another. The most we've ever found was a wet $5.00 bill after a very early morning walk. That was a treat. We've graduated to a much larger plastic jar that formerly contained canned peaches. It will be a while before the treat of counting our bounty but in the meantime it's adding up and it sure is fun tossing in the coins.

I guess the moral of the story is this, a penny saved, or in this case found, adds up faster than you think. So the next time you spy a lonely penny laying there all alone and forelorn, scoop it up and put it in a juice jar on the top of your fridge-it adds up. But if you live in The Grove, leave them for us! You won't get rich, but you can have some fun while you are trying. Now, if I could only find the other half of that roadkill penny . . .

Habits first are like cobwebs, then they become cables!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary April and Nick

Today is your third anniversary April and Nick. As we look back at that wonderful day in May, we smile and think such happy thoughts. It was such a beautiful day after the heavy morning rains subsided and the sunshine came out, just for you. Through tears of joy, we watched you take your wedding vows. So full of hopes and dreams, and just look they are still coming true! Blessings on your day today. We toast you and your happy life together.

Reach for the Stars!

Friday, May 18, 2007

This, That and the Other

Now that I've retired, there are no gossipy stories from work, trials and tribulations about commuting to and from, no heartfelt anicdotes of sights seen as I drove through a sad and worndown area of Surrey. Without being smug, I am glad.

This week has been such a nice one beginning with Mother's Day and all of the love my daughters bespoke of me. I really do not feel worthy of all that love and praise. But Thank you!

On Monday, Pappa and I went off to Cathy's to care for the two little ones. The morning reminded each of us what it used to be like when we were young and playing with our little gals. It was wonderful. We got to snuggle, and play and laugh and get cozy. Very sweet. The youngest, Caroline made us laugh so hard. She catches your attention by saying in a most determined little, deep voice - hey, hey - when she spies something she wants, such as a banana, and of course the little pointing finger goes along with it. Now that's communication.

Later on in the week my darling "dotter" Cynthia, sent me the cutest picture of her pride and joy, Ben. He was wearing a shirt which his grandmother sewed for him, made of the same bolt of cloth as Claire's school bag. That was an unexpected surprise. Ben looks so darling it really made me want to just reach out and hug him. Such a sweetheart. I guess we know who he takes after Cynthia!

On Wednesday night my beloved and I met my mom for dinner at a restaurant down the hill from her house. Usually when we've visited there in the past, the service while friendly, was always terribly slow. But not on Wednesday. We think it is under new othership, and our server was such a friendly guy, and we all got to eat off the Senior's menu to boot, which included, pie. Mmmm. It was so nice to get to get together and visit with my mommy and share a story and a laugh or two or three. Thanks Mom :0

On Thursday morning we trouped out to Ladner to see April and Abby, and Aunty Amy met us there too. Amy comes in from Vancouver and we drive to Ladner via the 10 Highway. How about this for synchronization? This time and last time, as we crossed over the main highway that takes you to the ferry, Amy turned right onto the road we were on, and was only about 4 car lengths ahead. Yesterday, we crossed over first and spied her car about 4 back waiting to make the turn onto the same road. We couldn't arrange to do that if we wanted to.

When we arrived, Amy and her Dad talked about the car outside and I went upstairs, and there in the kitchen was our dear little Abby in her highchair eating her pablum as her mommy fed her. Her little face just broke into the most magnificant smile when she saw me. All was so nice and peaceful, never did the little one realize that bedlam was about to ensue, with Pappa and Aunty Amy and Nanny invading their quiet little world. She didn't know where to look or who to smile at, but one thing is for certain, she loves her Aunty Amy. She started talking and smiling at her the moment Amy came near. I think it is partly to do with the fact that her mommy and her aunty are so very much alike. And without really knowing why, Abby recognizes these similarites. Pappa left for the swimming pool and we 4 girls had a wonderful time. The big problem was, that Aunty Cathy misses out on these rare get-to-gethers and for that we feel sad. Sorry Cathy. And Amy and April-thanks for the great shoes, I just love them! April you really didn't have a chance at them did you? That wasn't intentional, honest, but I really, really love them!

This is the long weekend, and my tomato plants are growing and thriving in their pot outside, lovingly covered each night to protect them from the coolish night air. Last year I planted them 3 weeks too late with the end result, that many didn't ripen on the vine and that made us feel so sad. We didn't want to repeat that again this year. So here's hoping. My sweetpea plants are shooting up through the dirt in their temporary pots housed in my office. It looks like I'll be able to plant them next week when the weather warms up just a little more. I can see the bouquets already!

Thinking happy thoughts of Cari and Steve moving this weekend! Little baby Lulu is 1 today! Kayla had her school's Sports Day today, I hope she had fun! Alyson's Baby Peyton has arrived safe and sound; Andrea and Kirby get a long weekend to spend with Matty-Bug-yay; my mom and my sister are hoping to spend the first of many weekends at The Lake; Nick starts a week's "vacation". Oh April, maybe you'll get to sleep in a bit, here's hoping. But more importantly, April and Nick will celebrate their 3rd Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, and my dear friend Yvonne turns the big 60 Tuesday too, yikes, Yvonne we're getting older! Cathy I hope you receive more bouquets of flowers, your cup overfloweth darling, you are blessed.

Before I end today's blog, I'd like to share a couple of pictures. One was taken in the very early 50s and the other one was taken just a few weeks ago, during a swim party, thanks to Uncle Tyler.
Cameron and below, his Pappa, both were about the same age, taken decades apart, but the similarities are striking. Both blond, ribsy thin and love water. Cameron in a pool in Murrayville, Pappa in a pool in Bergneustad, Germany.
Happy long weekned everyone!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day 2006

Bouquets of wishes go out to all of the wonderful women in my life
Our Moms, Laura and Erika - you both have shown such great strength during the past years. Such devotion and love for our much missed and beloved, Ralph and Artur. Unimaginable loss, yet somehow, you manage to carry on with such dignity, grace and beauty.
My Sister Madeleine - no one would ever know some of the heavy burdens you have carried. You work so hard day in, day out, and are loved by all your clients, your family and your twisted sister!
My Sister Lilli - often left alone because my brother's work takes him away weeks at a time. Hang in there dear sister, he must be ready to retire soon.
My nieces - Andrea and Laura-hard working young women, managing to hold down jobs, keep house, do so much for others, and little for themselves, and are raising the sweetest little boys imaginable.
Silvana - from the first day we met, I knew, we would be friends. I thank my lucky stars that our daughter married into your family. We love you very much.
Some of my "adopted" children, Cynthia (with little Ben) and Cari (about to deliver in July) to name but a few-you two are beautiful, thank you for your love. (MommA)
To my cousins and Aunty Myrtle in The Peg - hold fast out there - I wish we lived closer!
To all the "blogger" moms. I read your entries and continue to be amazed at all the things you conquor as you go about your daily lives. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
My darling daughters three:
Cathy-who would have ever known, or guessed that you would have such a wonderful little brood of children? You are blessed, as are we. I couldn't possibly do what you do and still remain sane. How do you do it?
April-look at you with Abby! It has been such a delight to watch you blossom into motherhood.
Amy-I am enjoying so much watching you and Kayla together. This is not always the easiest route to take, but you are doing so with flying colours! Not to mention your love and devotion to your nephew and nieces who adore you.
I wish each and every one, a Very Happy Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day Andrea

See this beautiful young mother? Her name is Andrea, and she is my niece. Like so many young women today, Andrea works full time, as does her handsome husband Kirby. The only trouble is, Kirby and Andrea probably only see one another on weekends as this resourceful pair work on almost opposite shifts so that their wonderful little Mattie-Bug only needs to go to childcare 3 days a week. Together they have figured out how to get along by going along.
This little mommy needless to say is a very busy one. And what is she doing on Mother's Day? Well for starters her daddy, my brother, Richard is away. Therefore not wanting her mom, my husband's sister and my sister-in-law, Lilli to be all alone, has invited her mom over for Sunday Brunch. But wait, there's more . . . and as some people (ME!!!!!) never got their act in gear, but a very busy working mommy did, took it upon herself to invite my mother, and my husband's mother, who is Grannie and Oma to Andrea over for Mother's Day Brunch as well.
Adding to the dynamics of this wonderful invite, let me say, that my sister-in-law doesn't drive long distances, so my beautiful niece Riki (Andrea's beautiful sister), will be picking her up from Coquitlam. Now my mother-in-law doesn't drive at all, so the handsome Mr. Kirby, will be driving out to Richmond and then back again later, to pick up Oma. Add all of that onto, prepping for Brunch, shopping, cleaning, etc. etc. etc. as the King of Siam used to say, hosting and then the penultimate--cleanup, well, you get the picture. Mother's Day is going to be another very busy day for Andrea!
Andrea darling if you actually find time to read this, you are an incredible young woman. So filled with love. Your laugh is infectious. You are truly one of a kind. Giving and loving. A wonderful mother. God bless you my sweetheart. We love you very much,
Aunty Allyson and Uncle Dick

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh How They Danced

At 3 O'clock on May 9, 1998
At Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Catherine Nicole married her beloved, Clifford Earl
and the rest as they say is history!

Happy 9th Anniversary to you.
How life has changed.
5 beautiful children,
another on the way.

Purging rooms and houses one drawer at a time!
From student to Journeyman Electrician.
A succession of vans and automobiles,
single strollers and doubles.
All with a wonderful sense of humour.
All with love.
We are so very proud of you.
Enjoy your very special day.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I Declare This Day - I Love My Husband Day!

Today as we were returning to our car and had literally just put items in the trunk, my beloved gave me the longest, most wonderful hug and told me how much he loved me and we both told each other how lucky we are to have each other. Right then and there it reminded me of why I fell in love with him almost 45 years to the day. You know how when you start dating someone and you aways remember the day of the month? Well, I used to know what day our anniversary was on, but with so much life that has happened in between, I've forgotten the date. I know it was somewhere between my late wise old age of 14 and after my dear Uncle Eddie's Funeral. I know the exact date we first met. It was Christmas Eve at our house at 135 East 62nd Avenue, Vancouver, when I was 14. We even danced in our living room-I know I was very impressed with this most handsome, blue-eyed grade 12 student! Little did I know then what a wonderful guy he really was. 45 years later he can still make me laugh uproariously, now that's saying something!

Happy Un-45th Anniversay my love! Still crazy after all these years!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Loving Arms to Guide You Through

I copied this picture from our daughter Cathy's blog, and was struck by what was framing this darling child pushing her toy -- arms and hands of those who love her -- not wanting her to topple or fall, Uncle Tyler, Caroline's Momma and Pappa reaching out ensuring a safe trip. Isn't that what we all want? It makes me wonder how many times we each have unknowingly been protected. It's a nice thought isn't it?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Today is Caroline's First Birthday!

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Happy First Birthday to our Darling Little Caroline!

We have just returned from the first portion of the Birthday festivities. This little Birthday girl was surrounded by love. Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie and Kayla, Uncle Tyler, Aunty Amy, Mommy, Nanny and Pappa, all there to oooh you, aaah you, and carry you around. Today Miss Caroline you are the much sought after prize, be it the Nobel or an Oscar you belong to all of us!

Pappa and I bought her this neat Playschool Walk and Ride toy. You took to it like a pro! When we all clapped, you smiled so brightly as if to say, yup, that's me, I can do it. You shifted the gears, you spun the wheels, you found the item Aunty Amy hid away in the front compartment. This toy, was made just for you!

And later on somehow, you were standing all alone in the middle of the room by Uncle Tyler! Wow Caroline you are really something. If only Uncle Nick and Aunty April and Cousin Abby, Daddy, Nona and Grandpa had been there they would have cheered you on too.

Happy Birthday little Pet, may you live long, find joy in all you do, and love in abundance always--you are deserving of it all.
Always and forever,
Nanny and Pappa

Today is your Birthday!

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Where did the year go my little one?
How the 365 days have slipped by so quickly is beyond me.
You have grown into such a sweet little girl,
a toddler, a talker, a smiler and a big waver
Your Nanny and Pappa Love You So!
Happy Birthday little one.

What are the Odds? Today is your Special Day Caroline

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From Photobucket. How could I resist a cake with my darling Granddaughter's name on it? I wish it had been me that baked it. Sweet Caroline.

Ah, Retirement!

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