Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pink is for Girls, Blue is for Boys

And if Blue is for boys, then that means . . .

Yes, our daughter April gave birth to an 8 pound 6 oz baby boy on December 11, 2009. He is healthy, alert, and feeding really well. He was supposed to be born on December 23 but he knew that would make it hard for his Mommy and Daddy to plan all of his future Birthday Parties so he decided that the 11th was a perfect day! And was he right! Hudson Nicholas is here and Nanny and Pappa couldn't be more delighted.
Welcome Hudson, we look forward to getting to know all about you, to hear your stories and share your life.
Your journey of love has begun, adventures await. We love you!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Beginnings!

I guess when you think about it, each and every day is a new beginning, but today had an extra touch of special-ness and mystery about it.

Today my beloved and I were accepted into membership by Letter of Transfer from Trinity Lutheran in Delta to St. Paul's Lutheran in Maple Ridge. New friendships to be forged, I'm sure. New opportunities to help the community at large are there but for the signing up to do so. New experiences, yet similar too of course from our former church(s), to be lived.

This transfer as it turns out happened on the last day of the church year, saying goodbye to an old parish especially at this time of year seems appropriate. Next Sunday is the start of the church's new year, First Advent.

The congregation is most welcoming including having a cake for us to cut and share. We even had our picture taken as we cut it, just like the day we got married! When we left church today we were happy. Happy to again have a church home, a sense of belonging, which as you can tell from this posting is especially important to us, to an old council chair like my beloved and an old church lady (secretary) like me for many, many years.
After church we took a short 3 minute drive down the street to the local hospital where we met a family also celebrating new beginnings. A dear friend, Cynthia and her husband Mike, delivered a very special, precious, healthy, baby boy yesterday. His name is Jack.

When we arrived, the door was partially closed and we tapped on it, not wanting to disturb, but we heard a welcoming "come in". Sitting up in a chair, was this beautiful, radiant woman, most certainly not looking like she'd gone through anything as wonderful and exhausting and exhilarating as delivering a baby! And baby Jack, a picture of perfection with his perfectly shaped little head, his lovely peaches and cream complexion which his daddy assures us, is like that all over his tiny, perfect little body. He looked so cozy sleeping in his bassinet all bundled up in a blue flannel blanket. Perfection through and through. He looked so cozy, so peaceful. Offers were made to us to pick him up, but we didn't have the heart to disturb him, he looked far too cozy. We satisfied ourselves with many peeks and oooowwwws and awwwwwws. So darling, so adorable.

A sneak peak of Jack and his Mommy and Daddy and the two stuffies his big brother thought would be a perfect welcoming gift for a little brother!

Jack was exactly 24 hours old when we visited and Cynthia and Mike were waiting for the lab people to come so that he could have his "going home" tests. Waiting anxiously to take him home to his brother and his sister, to his grandparents, to life, to new experiences, new beginnings. The wonder of it all, the mystery of it all. Life is good!

Dear little Jack we wish you a joyous, happy life, one I hope that will be filled with great love and fulfillment. The world awaits you, be a good steward of all of the great gifts awaiting your discovery. Welcome to your world!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Bean is Two!

On Monday our youngest granddaughter turned two, and while her name is Courtney, and her parents shortened it to Coco, her Pappa and I affectionately refer to her as The Bean. When Pappa and I write out Birthday cards, if we're the second one writing in the card, we avoid reading what the other has written about the birthday person. We don't want to corrupt our original thoughts. Even that in itself is funny as we have both decided that between the both of us we have one good head...anyway, what I started out to say was this, both of us had written about her twinkly eyes when she smiles. And girl, can that little one smile!

The Bean with her Nanny

Amy with her Granny

Coco is a darling little girl, who doesn't need to use many words, because surrounded as she is by her loving siblings, all she has to do is grunt or point and this action brings the item to her, or is described to her, be it a toy, a glass of water, a bird flying by outside the window, she gets her point across. I think that a lot of yacker-doodles could learn a lesson or two from our Bean!

It was so much fun watching her with her Birthday cake, as soon as it came into the dining room, she was almost shy about it, and while the picture immediately below might make it look as if she were crying, she was not. In fact, the more we got into it, the more delighted she became.
Coco was surrounded by so much love, the love of her immediate family, 3 grandparents~Nonna, Pappa and I, one great grandmother, also known as GG and my dear sister Madeleine recovering from a terrific fall down 14 stairs, and one beautiful Aunty Amy, Uncle Tyler and Cousin Kayla. Missing in action due to timing of event, Aunty April, Uncle Nick and cousin Abby.

The proud parents!

Just one shot of the hub-bub of opening the presents, blogger isn't being kind to me so I left it at this one but you get the idea

Bean we are all addicted to you and Nanny and Pappa love you very, very, much. Have a Very Happy 2nd Birthday.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abby's Big Adventure

For several weeks now, April, Nick, Pappa and I had planted in Abby's head the idea of her sleeping over at Nanny and Pappa's house. Although I am not sure that she completely understood the concept, she agreed that she would like to do that. Each and every time I saw her, I mentioned it to her in some way and at many a opportunity, April and Nick spoke to her about it too.
Last Saturday was designated as the appointed time~the wheels were set in motion.

Library books were borrowed from our local library for bedtime reading pleasure, food that we knew was tried and true was purchased, and the toys and puzzles she liked were set out and waiting for her arrival. Right on queue, the big day came. Ready or not, this was it!

I have to say I wasn't nervous about the visit, but I was nervous for Abby's sake, for all of the ways she would need to adapt to being away from her parents, her bed, her toys, her home, her comfort level. Let me tell you all of the preparation ahead of time worked. She was ready. We read, we coloured, we ate, we snacked, we did puzzles, we fed the newly named Nancy and Natalie their baby bottles (remember those dolly bottles, that when you tip them over, the fluid disappears and makes bubbles?) we bathed, we read some more, and when it came time for lights out, Abby slept in our big bed and didn't wake up for 12 hours. Her very first every sleepover anywhere but at home was a huge, resounding success. She is our big girl!

She is such a joy to be around, she loves to sing, to make up rhyming words, like twirly whirly, (too bad nanny can't spell them!!), she is playful and has the most awesome memory and eye for detail. It was so much fun to see Abby and Pappa bonding, colouring, laughing, feeding the dollys. It brought back so many memories of the Daddy our little girls knew, know and loved. For that reason alone, priceless and wonderful.

Peeking through the window from kitchen to my office, and the steaming kettle steam, Abby and Pappa creating the first of many masterpieces!

I love this shot of Abby looking at her Pappa! What do you think Abby, do you believe him?

Abby feeding Natalie the first of many bottles. This is Cathy's old dolly sans hat!

Abby with a puzzle we purchased for her mommy when she was about this age.

Abby said she liked my bathroom! So cute.

The Saturday night aftermath of play!

On Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast and took Abby to church. She loved watching the pianist and organist play, she put her little hands up and received Communion and she charmed the bejeepers out of all of the older members of the congregation who hadn't even realized that such a little charmer was in their midst. She was that quiet.

Breakfast dining before we dashed off to church

After church we took her out for fast food and returned her home safe and sound to her eagerly awaiting Mommy and Daddy. The mommy and daddy who have done such an awesome job raising her. This well and truly loved little girl is a joy and a delight and this Nanny and Pappa look forward to more of these visits in the months to come.

I am struck by the similiarities of my neice Riki and Abby in this picture. It's uncanny.

Getting latched in for the return trip home, all cozy under her blanket.

Abby and the infamous Chewy who loves and delights in all of the attention my grandchildren lavish on him!

Abby, Nanny is so proud of you. You had a lot of new things to challenge you in such a short time span and you did it!

We know it was a success because on the way home to her house, she asked if she could come back to our house, today! We love you Abby.

The E8s

As of late, Pappa and Nanny decided if was okay with the parents and children, to take Cathy and Cliff's 5 oldest children to our new church for Sunday School. Everyone eagerly agreed and a new Sunday morning tradition has begun.

By 8:45 on Sunday morning the E8's big van turns into our driveway. Cliff removes Coco's car seat and puts it in our car, and Coco, who is still too little for Sunday School, and Chewy my car dog toy, are buckled in. The switch is made and off we all go on our separate ways. Cathy, Cliff and Coco off to breakfast and hopefully some restoring of energy, and Nanny and Pappa and Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie and Caroline drive over the bridge to Maple Ridge for Sunday School. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us. After church we return to our house for lunch and playtime and then we pile them all back in their van and take them home again, home again, jiggedy jig! With the coming of the annual Christmas Pageant, we eagerly look forward to little lambs, sheep, angels, shepherds and singing. Our Sunday excursions are a time I wouldn't trade for all of the world.

On Halloween night Pappa answered the door and who stood before it but 6 of our Grands all decked out in their Halloween finery! After a toidy break, we put out a bowl of candy at our front door and went out to knock on some of our neighbour's doors. It was such a fun time. Thank you Cathy and Cliff for that lovely, happy time. It most certainly was a treat, not a trick!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!

Today is our adorable Abby's 3rd Birthday. Even though I knew it was coming, I can honestly say it makes me stop and recalculate her age. Can it be? The time for her Pappa and I at least, has flown by faster than Christmas Day.
Abby, you are the sweetest little girl imaginable. Your soft voice when you speak to us on the telephone, the way you love your books (she has 100s of them) scattered in baskets in her room, in the living room, even a Potty Book in the Bathroom!, your love of animals and the sounds they make as you imitate them, playing with playdough and bubbles, pretending to sleep, not looking at Nanny's camera everytime she points it at you (can't say I blame you honey, Nanny used to run away from one when she was a little girl), your laugh, your vivid imagination, your phrase which cracks me up~"I do not want to do it!", how quickly you can put together jigsaw puzzles that are for children older than you, your inquisitiveness. I could go on and on, like how much joy you bring to your Daddy and Mommy, how the children at your daycare love you and how you are with them in return. How each time we visit, I don't want to leave your precious side.
Abby, your Pappa and I love you so very much and even though you will be out celebrating Thanksgiving today with another important side of your family, your Daddy's side, we look forward to giving you loves and loves and loves on Monday when our side of the family gets together! Happy 3rd Birthday darling Abby. We all celebrate YOU!
Have a wonderful day today

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Abby Time

Last week while Abby's caregiver was prepping for her son's wedding and therefore her centre was closed, I had the priviledge of falling truly, madly, deeply in love with our Granddaughter Abby all over again.

I arrived on Monday evening and stayed until just past noon on Friday. During that time Abby and I got reaquainted with each other over many half-eaten meals, bathtime rituals, walks in the garden, searching out toy snakes, leaves, berries, balls and puddle jumping, napping with each other, visiting the local library, reading and re-reading lots of books, making apple betty and wearing silly hats and matching glasses. April and Nick have done an amazing job raising this little ginger-hair girlie. They have much to be proud of. Abby has a wonderful sense of humour, a soft little voice, no butt! and an awesome imagination. One of the things I found out about her that I hadn't know before is that she loves buns. She is a true Great-Granddaughter of my Baker Dad! It was a wonderful few days and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Wonderful News!

Like a momma hen sitting on her nest, I have been holding on to the most awesome news. . . our baby, Amy and her handsome husband Tyler are expecting their first baby!

These two pictures were taken on the afternoon of the big announcement!

Back in August, August 9th to be precise, we had an "immediate" family only picnic and it was at this fun family event that they sprung their welcome news! Their little one is due in Mid-April. This will be Motor and Diesel's 10th Grandchild and no matter what number of Grandchild she or he is, we are over the moon, delighted and excited.

While Amy is "constructing" their little bebe, Tyler is "constructing" their heritage home. It will be, I'm sure, a race to the finish line! Congratulations Amy and Tyler, we couldn't be more excited!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Catie's New Birth in Holy Baptism celebrated at Our Saviour when she was just weeks old

How is it possible that it's been 5 years since Catie was born? I remember so well that day. We lived in Richmond and Catie was to be born in Langley. Waiting, waiting til the time was right to rip out to Langley. Just one problem though, an accident on the Alex Fraser and we were stuck in a traffic jam miles and miles and miles from the bridge, just sitting there! It was horrible. No cell phone. No communication. Just the frustration of not being able to do anything but sit. By the time we arrived at Catie's soon to be Nona and Grandpa's place, they had made this lovely meal, a BBQ salmon and just as we were sitting down to eat...the telephone rang....she's here, she's arrived...she's perfection! Catrina Lauren was born.

Happily today, the trip to visit her is so much closer, a mere 15 or so minutes separate us now. Soon we will be picking up her Birthday Cake and singing her that happy refrain. Five years old today. And what a day it is, a day of new beginnings, she started Kindergarten today. The world is her oyster.

Happy Birthday Catie, Pappa and I love you so!