Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ma and Pa Kettle At Home

I am a bloggerland lurker, I admit it and the one common, prevalent thread of my favourites lately is, bloggers are taking a break. I know how they feel. On one hand I feel compelled to keep writing something for my "faithful" few, but on the other hand, what to write, what to write?

It's summer. So far around our homestead in The Grove, the bulk of our apples are dropping unripend off the tree like flies, each one with a worm or a bug inside. Visions of Apple crisp, apple sauce and apple pies are fast diminishing. The second apple tree didn't produce even one little apple.

The cherry tomatoe plants which started off so promisingly in May, with blossom after blossom, has so far produced only about 2 dozen tomatoes-we need more bees, less rain.

The Yucca plant for the first time since we moved in, produced two huge spikes of flowers, but alas, the heavy rains quickly toppled them and the blossoms melted into the lawn.

And as I write this I wonder if the sweetpeas will ever blossom. It has been a sad, summer that way. June started with too much rain, and with the exception of a few really hot days, July has not really been that much better. But then the cooler nights make sleeping just fine.

On a happier note, my beloved has once again picked up his paintbrush and has created some wonderful acrilic paintings. That just delights me because he is so talented and I've missed the excitement of watching him put colour down on canvas. Welcome back Dick. Work on the house can wait, keep painting!

Last Thursday I got to hold the most adorable little 3 week old baby boy. Jake you are precious and beautiful. I just love the way you can hold a little one in one arm and stroke their little bottoms with the other hand. It's the best, and just think, I get to do that again in late November.

The children's summer holidays are half over-ALREADY-this week hopefully, a picinic. Not too hot and not too wet-unless it's the water park!

Last week we went over to see Cathy and the kids and while the two little ones were in bed napping, I painted Carly and Claire's fingers and toes with my bright red nailpolish. Do you know how tiny the pinkie toes are? More polish went on their toes than their tiny nails.

Our firstborn grandchild, our grandson (and the only one, at least until November and then who knows) turns eight this week which is so hard to believe. If we only have one boy in our family, well then we sure got a great one when Cameron was born.

We've spent a few hours these past few weeks over at April and Nick and Abby's helping out, washing cupboards, packing, unpacking, etc. They moved into such a nice place, and have fixed it up so beautifully. We are really proud of them and so happy for them living in their very own place.

And as I write this our youngest daughter Amy with her handsome Tyler are just returning from a whirlwind trip to Washington. I always love to hear about their adventures, they have so much fun together. Oh to to be foot loose and fancy free. Hey, what am I saying, we are too, I forgot.

As for me, I am loving this retirement life. My beloved and I have been watching summer's guilty pleasures on TV, the Tour de France, which ended today, I really wanted Cadel Evans of Australia to win. He came in second only 23 seconds behind the leader, I can't help but think he must be disappointed to be so close. Maybe next year Cadel! The worst is, Big Brother 8 which I'm more hooked on than Dick, but that's okay. I'm rereading books that have been stored away and whose pages are turning yellow with age, purging files and shredding old bills, walking with my beloved, hanging clothes on the line when the weather allows, sewed some spiffy curtains for Abby's new bedroom and am just plain enjoying the first summer that I don't need to go to work. Life is good!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Do You Know This Couple?

Well, they really are thinking about you and wishing they could blog and e-mail, BUT, thanks to more than two Telus screw-ups (to put that as politely as possible), it looks as though they need to wait a little longer. Failing Telus, DCCnet is looking pretty darn good, but that will take until August 3rd-grrr!
So let me tell you, they've moved into their new townhouse. The place is really beautiful, not quite ready for prime-time, but its' only been just over 3 days ago that they moved in. All of the painting and new carpets turned this diamond in the rough into a real gem. Nick and April are doing great, happy to have evenings together and as for littleAbby-well, if she was any sweeter and cuter I'd be beside myself! Congratulations you three.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Friday Night at The Sonoma Grill

Everyone was on their best behaviour, guarded and afraid to let any cats out of the bag. All the while Motor and Diesel were totally and happily oblivious! I believe I have the nicest looking family going. Prejudiced you say? Yup, very much so!

A Whole Lotta Love!

Here are a few pictures, courtesy of Amy and Tyler of our wonderful Sunday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Huge Surprise for Allyson and Dick or, And the Tears Were Flowing

If you've been checking in on my blog of late then you know that our 40th Wedding Anniversary was coming up. On Sunday my beloved and I celebrated our 40th in a BIG, BIG WAY! Exclamation Intended!

Let me start at the beginning:

Being the planners we in our family are, way back when, Dick and I decided to set a little money aside so that we could treat the kids to a fancy, schmancy dinner, and as Cathy, mother to 5 stated that she'd really like to make it an "adult" thing, at least as far as she was concerned, we discussed and decided, to then follow-up with a harmless little "family" picnic which would include all of our wonderful grandchildren. Kentucky Fried and Ice Cream Cake, no fuss, no muss.

But a funny thing happened somewhere between the kentucky fried picinic and July 15th.

Last week sometime I received an innocent little e-mail from Amy saying that she could get off work early and that Cathy and Cliff wanted to have a BBQ for us instead of a picinic. Pat the photographer would be there as "K", who was missing from our original photo session was also going to be there, so we would have pictures taken. "Wear the same T-shirts?" asked I, "no, what about a sundress or something, it won't be necessary to have us dressed the same", replies my babygirl. Okay, come about 4:00.

On Friday night (Friday, because April and Nick were invited to Nick's cousin's wedding on Saturday night) we adults, plus darling Abby, dined at a lovely restaurant in Langley. The food and company was wonderful. I had even found a black skirt with white binding on it that was very similar to my going away outfit. And brownie points to my beloved, he noticed right away that my outfit was reminiscent of my going away outfit! The divine Mr. Dick was wearing this awesome shirt of brown and yellow stripes, which replicated the colours of his yellow shirt and suede brown jacket that he wore when we took our leave on our wedding night. We were livin' large, happy and excited. It was a lovely evening.

And this is where the story takes a huge detour!

Unbeknownst to us, our 3 wonderful daughters planned the most joyous, unexpected, tearful, party one could ever imagine. Printed invitations, white linen tablecloths and napkins, little "bon bonairies" (Italian treats, sorry about the spelling) consisting of chocolate hearts tucked in all the wine glasses, a delicious and beautiful lemon wedding cake, floral displays on the tables, our favourite photographer Pat, a guest book in the form of a wishing tree, momentos, our original invitation in a boxed frame, photo album, a CD of music from 1967 for everyone to take home and enjoy, a boutineer and a "ruby" bouquet, our dear friend and Pastor Ken Harris there to officiate at the renewal of wedding vows, and friends and family in abundance there to surprise us and help us celebrate the day. It was overwhelming! As soon as I looked out in the back yard, we spied row upon row of gaily decorated tables, and we knew, this wasn't a BBQ! Bring on the kleenex, the waterworks of tears has begun.

Down to the last detail, it was every bit a marvellous as that first July 15th in 1967, only better, because of the love and enthusiasm of our daughters. Little did we know when we took those wedding vows what the future would hold. We could never, ever have comprehended or anticipated all of the outpouring of love we received on that sunny Sunday afternoon. It is a day we will never forget.

So to Cliff, Nick and Tyler-thank you for all you did leading up to and including Sunday. The love, support and humour you give our daughters is very much appreciated. We love you so!

Cynthia, thank you for those beautiful invitations and cards. They are wonderful, thanks for taking charge! Cynthia, for the cake and the little cupcakes for the children, so beautifully decorated, but which tasted even better than they looked, it had to have been the flour--I wish I had a piece to eat right now! You are a talent. You are a darling. Thank you dear DottA!

Yvonne, thank you for being there to stand beside us like 40 years ago. Jason our dear God-Son, thank you for standing in for your Dad. You did him proud and if I may say so, every bit as handsome too!

Pastor Ken, dear, dear friend, thank you for leading us through our vows, and for the lovely words.

Pat Kyle, photographer, extra-ordinaire. We can't wait to see this set of pictures, blotchy faces and all (mine!) You are amazing and we are going to miss you when you leave Murrayville-boo hoo!

Silvana and Earl, you should be caterers to the stars. I cannot believe how much work went into preparing all of that glorious food. Everything was done to perfection.

Maddie and Mom, aka, Vanna White, thank you for that "sweet, sweet" tribute! You two are something else, and that's a great thing!

To our dear family and friends who surprised us so. Thank you for sharing this very special day for Dick and I. We are truly blessed and our life is so much richer by your presence.

To E-Comm Rob, thank you for freeing Amy up for the day. thank you for freeing Amy up for the day!

Cathy, April and Amy, words cannot express, nor imagination comprehend, how much work and planning went into our very special day. You three are truly amazing. Daddy and I have always known how lucky we are that you are our daughters. In your extremely busy lives you went above and beyond. Each detail was planned and executed to perfection. Even the weather which was sweated and prayed over that it wouldn't rain, cooperated! You are our richest blessings, our greatest gifts and we thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts that are 100 times too big!

summer of's getting better all the time

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Girl's Famous

If you recall earlier in the year, our youngest daughter travelled to Thailand for an extended holiday. While there they did many exciting things one of which was a three day treck. Her picture is on page 64 under the escapes section of the August edition of Shape Magazine.

I should look so good in hot, humid weather!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Congratulations Cari and Steve

Peanut, we've been waiting for you!

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April and Nick shared the great news

Congratulations and love

Nann"A" and Pappa"A"

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Day With Some Gals

Today was a special day. With 3 kids away camping, thanks to Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler, Cathy along with Catie and Caroline, my beloved and I, drove in to see family in Ladner in the family bus. Sitting in the van beside two little cuties both vying for attention, smiling, laughing, drinking cold water and several "this little piggies" later, we arrived to the welcome arms of April and Abby.

It was a wonderful day. When my beloved left for lengths in the swimming pool, we 5 gals headed off on foot to see April and Nick's new abode. Already patched, wallpaper removed and carpets ripped out the place looks more loved already. It is going to be so nice for them. A condo of sweet dreams.

Abby was just delighted to see her cousins and the look on her little face showed. She was almost screeching with delight. While Catie did some exploring and found a huge purple ball as well as some chewing gum, Caroline thought a little whump or two on Abby was the thing to do, and Abby returned the favour with a little hair pulling. All in all, a terrific time was had by all.

We had lunch, we drank mugs of tea, ate some treats and generally just had a good visit interrupted by three little ones who needed attention here, and a little attention there. Too soon it came to an end. Tired babies needing naps. 2 in a van, one hopefully in her crib. Two beautiful little mommas, and my beloved and I. It was a lovely way to spend a summer day.

My favourite images from today:
seeing my two daughters pushing their strollers down the street and my smiling grandaughters.

Thanks for the ride Cathy. Thanks for the visit April. Can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

History Repeats Itself, ala Catie

Catie-girl lovin the Cheerios
Caroline, diggin the Raisin Bran

Sunday, July 01, 2007

140 Years Young

Happy Birthday Canada!

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