Saturday, January 31, 2009

January is Finished

It seems so hard to believe that the first month of 2009 has already slipped by. And yet, with so much on the go, read: Wedding and all that it entails, it's not really all that surprising.

The snow piles that greeted 2009 are still here. The Christmas lights on the trees outdoor are still hanging there because the lawn is still under a frozen blanket which means the extension cords are buried too. There is a minute patch of green here and there around the bases of trees. It's still so wintery in The Grove that even the Sasquatch paid us a visit. Take a look at him running in my front yard!

All of these pictures were taken on Monday, Jan. 26/09

I think he was hiding in this snow cave in our front yard!

As I reported in previous blogs we had a celebration at the Giggledam on Friday, Jan. 16, organized by April and Cathy which was so much fun.

The following Thursday, the rehearsal. Amy wore my veil and her sister April provided this beautiful tulip bouquet.

Look at these two happy men--relieved that it is Tyler's turn--right guys?

Love their smiles.

On Friday morning my beloved and I drove out to Champagne and Lace to have the beautiful dress steamed and ready to drive into Richmond later on in the day. The girls, their daddy and I met up for a quick bite of dinner before they rushed off for mani/pedis. The photo below was taken knowing "no photos to be taken in Casino", so I'm glad Amy shot this one off before we were told not to take any more!

Saturday's pictures tell it all!

Thanks for these two pictures April~

This picture below was taken by Amy and Tyler's Photographer (sorry I don't know her name)

She captured it all in this photo I believe!

On Sunday morning following the Wedding Breakfast Brunch, we all went our separate ways. So happy for Mr. & Mrs. Moore. It was a beautiful wedding and they did an awesome job in getting it all together right down to the smallest little detail. They are now off on their Honeymoon. Soaking in the warm sun. Taking a well deserved break from all their planning.

Sadly on Tuesday, my dear little Mother-In-Law took a horrible fall on a sidewalk on her way home from shopping. She was admitted to hospital and since then she has had to have the left shoulder joint replaced and had to have 3 or 4 pins put in her broken left wrist. It was and is, so sad to see this fiercely independent lady now laid up in a hospital bed.

Mom, we sure hope you are up and about and doing the things you like to do. Heal up and get better soon!

My New Family Tree!

January certainly has been memorable for many reasons. I wonder what Mr. February will bring? Stay tuned.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A Wonderful Winter Wedding-Who Could Ask for Moore

If anyone tells you you just can't organize a wedding in 5 months, don't you believe them!

Our daughter Amy married the man of her dreams and her parent's prayers were answered for someone to love, cherish and honour her and his name is Tyler. What a wonderful occasion it was including all that led up to it. Those two planned it down to a T and then some. In case you're not a Facebooker, here are some pictures of the day.
The quality of some is awesome, and many are awful so I left out more than I could put here. Check out my darling daughter April's blog for quality and quantity!