Friday, February 29, 2008

The End of February-I Hear a Collective Sigh In My Family!

As Cathy, April and I at some point all reported, we aren't too keen on this month called February. To make matters even worse, 2008 brought us an extra day in the mix, Leap Year. The good news? Well tonight we bid February adieu! Tomorrow morning when we awake blustery March comes in and with it, good things will come, I'm positive. I mean, March is already a starting off great, especially for the Monday to Friday-ers, March 1st is a Saturday.

This Sunday at church the new church council will be installed, and that mean's that my beloved may or may not be voted in as council chair again. For his sake I hope he is, for me, well it will mean a little more "secretarial work", but that's okay.

On Thursday our church is hosting World Day of Prayer, and two wonderful, talented people from our former church, our retired Pastor Ken, and one of the very uber-talented pianists from the church will help us through that service.

And then next Sunday, our darling little Courtney will be Baptised with her Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler standing up as her God Parents.

The beginning of the month also spells birthday wishes to a dear friend, Marilyn, then Eva and Ann, and one of our fabulous son-in-laws turns 30-yippee, and the month ends with my dear sister-in-law's birthday, all good things to celebrate. And smack dab near the middle, Holy Week ending (well really the beginning) with Easter Sunday and all the wonder it holds if you are like me, a christian. And our dear friend Cynthia will also celebrate a birthday near the end of the month. To me the big question is, will the little "kicking bump" be born on her birthday? She is carrying a little "trickster" who wants to surprise her mommy and daddy and big brother, Ben. We sit tight, waiting to hear the delightful answer.

We turn our clocks ahead one hour and enjoy longer, hopfully, sun filled days.

I've already seen the sun shimmer on a bluebird's glorious back.

Ornamental shurbs are starting to show their true colours.

Crocuses, daffodils and tulips.

The tender new buds and newly unfurled leaves on trees.

Pussy willows.

The warmth of the sun on your face.

Children playing outside, laughing and squeeling with delight, breathing in the promise of warm summer days to come.

I am already feeling the optimism of spring and all of the wonders it brings.

Goodbye gloomy February - Welcome March!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday!

A patient little girl waiting for her daddy!

Our beautiful little girl safe and sound on Canadian terra firma

Tyler's parent's and my beloved overjoyed that the travellers are home!

Some of the gang

A family reunited

My heart is full tonight, our kids, Amy and Tyler arrived home after 45 long days (for us) in South America. Cathy and Cliff took 2 of their kids out of school, and brought the whole wonderful brood of grandchildren to the airport. My beloved and I, as well as Tyler's parents, and his darling daughter "K" came out to greet them. The only 3 missing were April and Nick and Abby. They had been sick, sick, sick (not Abby thankfully) for the past 3 days so they didn't come, but in their hearts I know, they were at the Airport with us! We watched them come through those international customs doors a sight for sore eyes I tell you.

I had my camera, but I think it was on a weird (as in unknown to me setting, so the pictures are weirdly bright-but they captured the joy).

Welcome home world travellers, after approx. 30 hours in-transit, your very own bed will feel mighty fine tonight. Sweet dreams!

The only shot of Cameron, showing off his gift from Aunty Amy. Note Additional artwork on leg!

Our little dumpling wearing her new souveneir shirt, she was very happy to receive "only a crumby T-Shirt!"

Suits you Uncle Tyler!

You too Aunty Amy!


Two beautiful sisters!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunny Sunday!

What a glorious day out. The sun is shining and I'm imagining April and Nick and Abby out for a walk, Tyler and Amy relaxing on a beach in Chile and the Cathy and Cliff's house in full throttle because:


Our beautiful Claire is 7 today and she's having an all-girl birthday party. I think I had my very first party when I was 6 possibly turning 7, and it was so noisy in the house that our goldfish died! Now that was a party.

You are a dear little girl, so tender, so loving, with the greatest laugh. You bring great joy to our hearts just thinking about you. You have learned so much this year at school. Just had a 100 day party at school and on Thursday you read your book to me before I could even read it to you. Wow, that was impressive. I love how much you love broccoli and Nanny's mac and cheese and the thoughtful, intentional way you go about accomplishing a request for help. I smile at how you get Caroline out of her crib and bring her downstairs.

Claire Bear, Nanny and Pappa hope that you have a wonderful day today filled with fun, happy laughter-filled things, and that if you had goldfish in a bowl, well, we won't go there. One thing is for sure though Claire, we love you very, very much! Happy Birthday sweetheart.


Claire tiny enough to fit in her Great Aunty Madeleine's Doll Buggy

This is one of my favourite pictures of Claire

Our 7 Year Old!

We can see the future!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Moody Monday

Here is one little child that lifts the spirits and makes your heart sing.
Courtney giving Nanny her first smiles ever!

I Don't Heart February!

February used to be a lovely month. A month for lovers-Valentine's Day -- how divine. But February has lost its' blush. When February rolls around I just want to say - February BE GONE! This year is no exception.

We aren't even immune on our walks. Today we walked and talked with our neighbour's children's Nanny. She just returned from the Philipines where her husband and children live. She is so homesick and lonely.

It started 5 years ago when on February 14th my dad was admitted to the hospital and 5 years ago today, he died. Slipped away in the early hours of the morning. Our family, though we go on, hasn't and won't ever be, the same again.

Over the past two weeks the sadness has been building. First by stumbling upon an obituary in the newspaper. Joan McMeiken, our daughters' Preschool Teacher. Such a loving and wonderful woman who gave Cathy especially such tender love and care. Then my mother's and Cathy's wonderful Doctor, lost his 60 year old mom. How sad. My friend Dawn lost her Daddy, Charles, then dear friends at our former Church--George lost his beloved Grace, John his Mother, and my dear friend Marion her newborn grandaughter, how crushing, my heart aches for them. All of this sadness and we await news of our dear friend Earl. We hold Silvana, Cliff, Cathy and their children in our prayers.

All my beloved and I can do is offer our love, our hugs, prayers and support to all who need comfort and care. February may be the shortest month of the year, but for those we love and care about, worse there is none.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fun Friday-Updated!

Here is a picture of my beautiful mother sitting at her computer. I love receiving e-mails from my mom and I know her grandchildren do too. The "wallpaper" on her computer is a picture of my dad and mom standing in my Uncle Ernie and Aunty Myrtle's garden at their cabin at Lake Winnipeg. For some reason or other this picture keeps disappearing, right mom? At least for now we have it captured "forever". See you on Facebook Mom!

Just returned from Cathy and Cliff's, it's in the genes I tell ya! Look at our Catie girl, just like her G.G.! Soon she will be helping Nanny with Facebook! xxoo

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Wordless Wednesday

This one is for Cameron and Claire

I walked two of our Grandchildren home from school yesterday afternoon and the sunshine on our legs and backs felt so hopeful-dare I say it, of Spring, glorious Spring.

I was telling the kids that Nanny and Pappa were the only ones on the block that still had snow, just little piles of it. They wanted a picture so here they are. I am happy to report that these tiny piles have shrunk since yesterday, and would you believe that I said this to my beloved?: Our street doesn't look as pretty without the snow. I think we were actually starting to come around to Winter.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Snowdrop Saga Continues.....

Earlier this morning, it looked like the lone little snowdrop was all but defeated

But no, later on in the afternoon, it started to reappear-yippee!

Well I don't know about the rest of you but this snow stuff is really just too much! I thought rain was in the forecast-I didn't hear a thing about snow, until my beloved told me "there's snow on the ground!", ugh.

Take that Snow!!
If you look closely you will see a yellow blossom. Look out Ladner, we're not far behind!
And last, but not least, 2 snowdrops that emerged despite the snow piled on it earlier in the week

Monday, February 04, 2008

Be Brave Little Snowdrop



This poor little flower has to try even harder than it did a short while ago. If this keeps up, we'll be asking "where's Waldo?"

Today's View

I was supposed to drive to Cathy and Cliff's this afternoon and babysit four of our grandchildren while the other two, plus Daddy, got their vaccinations.

Well about 1:00 the promise of yet another whiteout day appeared. It even let up a bit and I went out and took these pictures, and I thought, well, I just might be able to go afterall. But nope, it's started again with a vengence.

Snow upon snow

I'm still thinking its' Springtime in Ladner!

A lonely snowdrop, trying to be brave and live up to its name

The Many Faces of Abby

I had the good great fortune to spend some time with Abby on Saturday and Sunday and how lovely it was. She has turned into a serious stair climber and this Nanna (Abby calls me Nanna not Nanny) thought that she might benefit from learning her cousin's method of going downstairs. They stiffen their little bodies and surf down. After a few tries, Abby too mastered this technique, and adapted it in her own special way. She even did the bent-knee, step down technique. What a clever little gal she is! I didn't tell her mommy or daddy this, but I am one those obsessive-type people, who when I see a little dab of something or other on a carpet (especially on stairs as I am going up them), will pick up the speck of whatever it is to remove it from the carpet. Well Abby saw me doing this (just a few times, because April and Nick's house is as neat as a pin and I wouldn't want to give you any other impression), and she too was doing it, only, she wasn't picking anything up, just imitating my action. Now is that cute or WHAT!!!!

Here are just a few pictures of beautiful grandaughter number 5, but as with each and every one of our grandchildren, they are always and forever, Number One in my heart-of-hearts!

Playing with Pappa

What a splendid family
This walk was too long Nanna! Don't you just love floppy ears on that hat?
Demonstrating how high the Mole Sisters looked up