Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cameras You Gotta Love 'em! OR, Cameras @%^@%*!

We must live in the true north here in The Grove! When I came home from the airport yesterday there was snow on our lawn and roof. I knew it was cold in Vancouver when we said goodbye to Amy and Tyler, but really! It must be a bit of the hair . . . thing.

Yesterday as I was driving home after dropping off Abby and April in Delta, I reached into my purse to pull out my cell phone and glasses for the "just in case" emergency that I hope never crops up. And what to my wondress eyes did appear, no wait, that's from The Night Before Christmas, let's try this instead, I stuck in my thumb and pulled out a ..., nope not that one either. Well actually, I stuck in my hand to pull out these items and I pulled out April's digital camera. We had forgotten in all the rush of hugs and welcomes to return it to its' rightful owner.

So I thought as I turned the corner, I'll take a picture with her lovely digital to prove that there is snow at our house. Much to my displeasure the Memory Card was full! Drats, it's just like a normal camera, no film, no picture, no room on the memory card, no picture! Remember my blog from a few weeks back about no film being in my camera? Now I don't feel so bad, or should I say, caught off guard yet again?

Monday, February 26, 2007

My Kids are Home, My Kids ARE HOME!

Yippee and yay yaaay, Amy and Tyler stepped through the customs doors looking like a million bucks all tanned and beautiful (even though they lamented the fact that their tans had faded while they they were in Hong Kong, they still looked wonderful to us!)

They came bearing two, huge, rainbow coloured plastic carrying bags stuffed to the gills as well as two suitcases and their original bagage-2 backpacks. To say they did a little shopping was an understatement! (They weren't the only people carting around these plastic carrying bags we saw tons of them as we waited, and waited for them to clear Customs!) seems to be THE thing to carry all the essentials purchased overseas!

There was a bit of a worrysome time on Sunday evening when we found out that Tyler had been admitted to Hospital in Hong Kong, with the diagnosis of Pleurisy (spelling) but tomorrow he goes to see his own physician who will no doubt, give him the once over to be sure. Other than a few bruises to show for some tests he had done, he looks pretty darn good. A little under the weather, but much better than we anticipated he might be, thank heavens for that!

Aunty April and Abby, Tyler's Mom and Dad as well as the beautiful and very excited, Miss K and myself were all there to greet them. They are a sight for sore eyes.

After driving them home we had a quick bite of lunch courtesy of Tyler's mom and myself, opened a few gifts -- which are just awesome--and off we went to take Miss Abby home to see her Daddy.

It was a terrific day. We missed Cathy and her brood for sure and Pappa who took Cameron to Hockey School this morning, but we made up for it by sending greetings, hugs and wishes. According to my Personal International Time Clock which I put up on my desktop before Amy and Tyler left, it is now 9:45 a.m., Hong Kong time (Tuesday that is) -- they have travelled all evening and night and into day to get here. We are so glad you had such a wonderful trip. We look forward to the pictures and more stories. Sleep well my loves, welcome home!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Only 1 More Sleep!

This Happy Family and all of the rest of our family who isn't shown here, can't wait to have you home tomorrow. Travelling Mercies Amy and Tyler aka, Soy and Tang, see you at VIA!

Love, love, love you! Mom and Dad xxxooo

Saturday, February 24, 2007

February 25, 2007-A Big Day of Another Kind

(Starting new traditions at Trinity Lutheran Church, Delta-Caroline's Baptism in September)
(Some of the stained glass windows at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Richmond)
Tomorrow we officially transfer our Membership from Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Richmond to Trinity Lutheran Church (T.L.C.-aren't those the perfect initials to use for a church?), Delta.
It was with much soul-searching, and wringing of hands. After approximately 16 years as members at Our Saviour we finally came to the conclusion and made the momentous decision, to transfer. We will miss being members in Richmond, but it is time. We thank you all for your love and support and friendship. Wish us well.

Today Was A Very Special Day

This a picture of baby Claire, taken at her Great Aunty Maddies when she was just a few weeks old. This is a tiny doll buggy that my sister has in her house and we were shocked that she was tiny enough to fit into it!

Today our darling Claire turned 6. She and her brother and sisters arrived about 10:00 a.m. Mom and Dad dropped off all of Claire's siblings so that she could go out and have an adventure with her mommy and daddy.

Now my husband and I live a very quiet life compared to our visitor's standards, but not today. There was so much life in the house and it was wonderful. We had hugs, giggles, kisses. We read, we jumped and skipped so fast you couldn't even see our bodies move, right Cameron?
We snacked, we lunched, why even Miss Babykins even managed a sleep on the couch in the middle of the chaos that is family life. We lego'd, we unlocked keys, and couldn't count the number of times the baby threw a little gadget off of her momma's wooden high chair.

Pappa measured all of the children, except for Caroline (that will have to wait a few more months), on the door frame under the stairs. My goodness how they have all grown! It must be all of the love they get from their Mommy and Daddy!

At about 1:30 or so, G.G. aka, my beautiful mom came over and a little while later the guest of honour arrived. We had a chocolate butteryfly cake, courtesy of Pappa. I baked it, but he did the job of decorating it -- and it was so darn cute. As I don't have a digital camera, you'll just have to wait until the roll of film in my camera is complete to see it. After cake and coffee (for the adults), it was time to pack up and leave. So many kisses and hugs. So many little coats and shoes to put on and then the loading up into the car. As soon as our Murrayville brood left, so did my beautiful mom. And then ... quiet and oh yes, naps!

Happy Birthday Darling Claire. I am so glad you had a birthday celebration so that Nanny and Pappa and G.G. too could get together to laugh, admire and love! Have a great year little one.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Only 3 More Sleeps!

Can't wait to see them! Aren't they cute?
We love you!
Travelling Mercies Tang and Soy

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Only 4 More Sleeps!

This momma is counting the sleeps until "her baby" comes home from Thailand!
Tyler and Amy left us in January with the cold winter winds howling and yowling around them at the airport. I wonder what they will arrive home to? Rain? Sunshine? One thing I'm certain of, they are coming home to welcoming arms, and I can't wait. And for that matter, neither can her daddy, or her sisters (can't speak for the B.-In-Law's) and I know Tyler's Miss "K" will be the most delighted of all! I am sure they have had a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to hear the stories, and the stories behind the stories, see the pictures, but most of all, seeing my beautiful daughter's smiling face and getting a bear hug from our boy Tyler when they get out of Canada Customs!
Amy and Tyler, aka, Tang and Soy, if you are reading this in Hong Kong, Happy shopping, happy touring, stay safe and have an excellent flight home.

We love you both, Mom and Dad xxxooo


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

"How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways"

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy, if somewhat rainy Valentine's Day.
Live -- Laugh -- Love

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

On The Eve of St. Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a mixed bag for me. You are supposed to be feelin' the love, planning romantic dinners and events, but life gets in the way.

Four years ago tomorrow my darling dad went to the hospital and sadly for our family, died 5 days later. I suppose that has a lot to do with my feelings, or should I say lack of romantic idealism for February 14th.

Nonetheless, life goes on and we have a 6-pack of beauties who just love the day. There is much excitement at Cathy and Cliff's house. Valentine's Parties tomorrow, cards to be distributed, pink cupcakes to prepare and little cinnamon hearts to suck on no doubt. Ah yes, I remember my own school days as well, it was fun and exciting. Pondering just how many Valentine's my box or pouch or envelope would hold. And because of all of my Grandchildren, I hold on tight to those memories with much joy and many happy memories.

As for my Valentine, my original, my beloved Dick, I am even more in love with him today than when I turned 16 and we celebrated our first Valentine's together. He is funnier, more handsome and incredibly witty. He will always have my heart. I am blessed.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone, I hope you get some cinnamon hearts to share with your loved one!

This one's for Amy and Tyler on a beach somewhere in Thailand!

The Snow Is Gone! The Snow Is Gone!

I am happy to report that the last vestage of snow in our front yard has finally melted -- Yippee!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Amy and Tyler 2

Thought you'd like to see some pictures of your homeland!

A tree from Stanley Park damage. The heart says it all don't you think?

Love you lots and lots!
Mom and Dad

Amy and Tyler

You two are like the beautiful orchids growing out this shell. Delicate but strong!!! xxxooo

I'll bet these road markers are very familiar to you. I wonder what it would say from Ko Phi Phi to Walnut Grove???

Are you still travelling light? Check out this picture I found on Crazyguy on a bike website.

I'm sure you have seen many of the same sights in your journey.

Have a great time at Ko Phi Phi. Travel safe.
We all love you and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Mom and Dad

Friday, February 02, 2007

Are you Prepared?

How many times have we heard that question? Many more times than I'd care to admit. And I guess the question is prepared for what? In a general sense, none of us knows what lies ahead for any of us, and that's probably a good thing as our friend Martha Stewart always used to say.

In this case however, the question should really be, are you prepared if the "big one" should hit?

We're not, that's for sure. When Amy was taking her course to prepare her for being a 911 call-taker she made us be ready! She took pictures of our house with all the no-no's and put us in a report she was preparing. She wrote us up, but we took up the call and did it. Alas, the emergency food ended up being tossed as it was all past the date. The cat died and her food was tossed out too, poor little Patchy, we tried! I still have my bag packed under my bed, just in case, and a box in trunk of my car. I even made up special backpacks for all of the girls to trudge to their worksites-just in case. Now siesmologists (spelling??) are saying the plates are slipping and pointing to the big one hitting. Not scare-mongering, just stating the facts as they know them. He also went on to say, the next few weeks will tell a story - I just hope it's not THE STORY!

This morning I spoke to my beloved, and I think a generator is in our future, and a hot plate to plug into it, and, and, and, and . . .

Dick and I are walkers, and we trapse around in snow, sleet, frost, sun, rain and wind and I am just so sorry that a few walks ago in the dense fog, I spoke those fateful words "what next?" May it not be so.

But in the meantime, it is certainly something to carefully consider. Go to the site listed below and check out some of the things that will most certainly give you peace of mind should it happen.


Amy and Tyler if you are reading this - aren't you proud of me for taking up the call? We miss you and love you. Enjoy relaxing on those sunny shores in Thailand. xxxooo