Thursday, November 30, 2006

Advent Is Almost Here!

Is it only me or is it had to believe that the First Sunday of Advent is this Sunday?

My well worn but ever present bits of wood holding the candles for our Advent celebration are waiting on our buffet, waiting to have the first candle lit on Sunday. We will go to church on Sunday morning and sing the first verse of Light One Candle To Watch for Messiah while they light the first candle. Christmas is just around the corner.

Watching and waiting during this lovely time of year anticipating all that Christmas means to our family and yours too. The celebrations, the traditions, the music and remembrances are just up the road a little bit. As you prepare for the Christmas season, try to stop and enjoy, remember and reflect on the true meaning of what Christmas really means.

The Snowflakes Worked or, Who Do You Blame for the Snow? I Know Who I Do!

Last Saturday afternoon Pappa and Nanny were so lucky to have two little sleepover girls named Claire and Carly. The snow had just begun to fall after they arrived for our weekend adventure. When Claire looked out the window she got so excited and exclaimed "The snowflakes worked!" When I enquired further about this comment she explained to us that they had placed snowflakes on Nona's window. I'm guessing that they discussed the possibility that maybe by hanging these on the window it could encourage the real thing. I'd say that their supposing was correct and now I know who to blame for all of the difficulties travelling to and from work and going to the grocery store. But then, when I really stop to think about it, I must really thank them too for the beautiful picture postcards of snow on trees, and lawns and roofs and also for the Christmas card look of the land. But please Nona Carly, Catie, Claire and Cameron, take them down as soon as possible because Winter isn't officially here yet!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thinking of my Dad Today

My dad has been on my mind since my alarm went off this morning. Had he lived, he would have been 91 today.

At dinner last night with my mom she said, dad wouldn't have wanted to live that long. He didn't want to become a burden to anyone. Before he died he was a robust, strong man. He gave the best hugs. He always said he loved me.

I remember his last birthday, his 87th. It just so happened that I was caring for Cathy and her kids, perhaps it was her gall bladder, whatever the reason, I am so glad I was there. I brought the Happy Birthday sign and balloons and hung them up and set up the dining room table where the three of us ate breakfast together. It was so nice, he in his PJ's and his thining hair a little mussed up. Mom and I sang Happy Birthday to him. We ate our Porridge and toast, we drank coffee and he ate his morning banana which he cut up with a paring knife. We reflected on all the good things about life. And because I was staying over, my mom decided the entire family should go out to dinner to celebrate-her treat! As it turned out, this was the last time all of the immediate family were together. Following the dinner only my beloved and I returned to their home. We talked late into the night, shared a few laughs, stories and sighs. It was a wonderful day.

Dad was wise. He was honest. Fiercely independent and private. He knew when to keep his counsel and when to share. He had such a nice way about him, and was so well thought of by young and old alike. He was in love with my Mother until the day he died. He loved and was especially proud of we 3 children, all 7 of his grandchildren, and was blessed to live long enough to see 3 great grandchildren whom he greatly loved and enjoyed. Dad was a real "gentle - man". I was blessed to have him for my dad and I will miss him forever.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Photos Hidden Away in my Camera

Finally, we got 2 rolls of film developed. It's scary how the time flies. Some predate Cameron's 6th Birthday! That's the trouble with old technology. You have to wait until the roll is finished to share the shots. Here are a few of our new favourites of our 6-pack!

One our Baby girl sent us from a recent Halloween Party. TDM and Amy alway find some "famous" couple to go as. Can you guess who? Her initials begin with B.S. and his K.F. I can't tell if she's chewing a wad of gum though!

The other pictures are ours, Mae Mae with the big, big eyes! A recent visit with Abby. And Some summer fun!

This is the stuff that that gets you through the wet November days! Stay dry everyone.