Friday, May 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I think this my second time!

6 Things.

I've been tagged by Amberslilzoo - MY STORE! Well actually it's my friend Amber, but I wanted to give this talented lady a little advertising and I don't have any other link, cause I'm not too great at that!

The idea is to share six unimportant things about myself and then to tag six other people to do the same thing.

Here are the rules:
1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry

So...Here are 6 things you probably did not need to know about me.

1) I am addicted to playing games on Facebook. It's a total time waster, but then again so is watching TV with the remote in my left hand. At least I don't snack when I'm on the computer. Well, that's a bit of a lie, I have been known to snack a little, but not like when I sit staring at the boob tube.

2) I love it when my husband makes me laugh so hard that the tears fall down my face. He is so funny and over the years either he's become funnier and funnier, or, we think so much alike that I'm anticipating the funny and start cracking up.

3) Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be an out-going person. When I was younger I just wanted to be a wallflower. Please, please don't notice me. I am still that way when someone starts asking questions that I don't have the answers to, which sad to say is quite often.

4) Never in a million years did I think that being healthy was the most important thing. Good health was just something I'd taken for granted but not any more.

5) I want for nothing. I am well and truly blessed with family, friends, food and shelter.

6) My very best friends in the world, my husband, my children, and the rest of our amazing family. And of course, my Blogging and FaceBook Friends that offer so much support and encouragement, make me laugh, share their stories and delightful pictures. It doesn't get much better than that. How did I get so lucky?

Here are my six people... The Besth Blog-April, Prak's Tracks-Jolene, Canadian Lutheran Chick-Kristen, Murrayville Son-Cameron, The Frasca Family-Wendy, Tic Blog, Hope.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Show Your Children or the Child in You, the Eagles in the Nest

I just had to get this out to all of my blogging friends. Enlarge it, lenthen the time you have on your "slide show" option and put this on your desktop, it is fascinating. I saw one of the baby eaglettes (spelling) actually poop out of the nest, and a crow was seriously trying to goad the mother or father eagle into leaving the nest, bad thing! is proud to announce the birth of 2 baby eagles on our Live Eagle Cam Nest! Please stop by and have a look! Click here to see the baby eagles!
Remember is publicly traded on the OTC BB take a look WAVL on Yahoo Finance.
We are working to bring your other exciting live feeds in the weeks ahead.

Four Years Ago Today

April married Nick four years ago today!

Sending out congratulations, love and best wishes.
Your lives have changed so much,
A beautiful little girl,
A comfy, beautiful townhouse.
Family that loves you on both sides!
And the realization of happy, wishing, hoping, dreaming and planning.
May your love continue to blossom and grow and age like fine wine.
Have we told you lately how very proud we are of both of you?

You two are the Besth!!!!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Come See Where We Walk

Just over three years ago, before we moved to "The Grove" as we refer to our place in the sun, many of our walks on the dykes in Richmond were spent lamenting, "where, oh where would we ever find such a great place to walk when we move?" Believe me when I tell you, walking routes were the furthest thing from our minds, when we were house hunting. Location, location, location, turned to let's hope we can find something half decent in our price range. After a bit of scouring the neighbourhood we found our home. Within the week of moving in we were out tramping the sidewalks taking our daily constitutional. The first few times were spent on the main streets until we asked a young woman, "where does that path go?" She informed us that there were paved walkways all over and this one particular one was great. She was right and totally understated it. Here is a glimpse of the idyllic wonder that awaited us.

This is at the top of the pathway where it takes a steep curve down, down, down

On the descent

Looking back at the path we've just travelled down

The West Yorkson Creek where salmon and trout spawn in November. The view from the bridge

Some of the flora and fauna

There are ferns in abundance after the wet and wild Spring

You can just make out the carpet of tiny purple flowers under this big fir tree as you head up and out of the ravine

Your heart is really pounding by the time you get to this point!

Looking back at the spectacular view

This is an amazing place. Usually about three to five degrees cooler down at the bottom and I'm usually about ten degrees hotter by the time we get to the top. The changes of season are wonderful to watch and the creek so soothing as it babbles down to the Fraser River. A little bit of paradise in the middle of a busy city.

Since discovering this one, we've found several more, but none can compare to this one so close to home, come on girls, I'll race you to the top!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What the World Needs Most of All-MOTHERS!!!

This blog is dedicated first to My Mom and My dear husband's Mom. We thank you for the rich life and legacy you've given us. Your help, love and devotion can never be repaid. You set the bar high on mothering, and are a tough act to follow. You are our biggest blessings.

To my dear daughters three-I thank you for making me look like I was a good mother. I know there were times when we could have killed each other but that too has thankfully long past! Each one of you has taught me so much. I love and admire each of you for the way you conduct your lives and carry on. You bring me joy every day. I can't imagine life without you. You are my blessings.

To all of the wonderful women in my life, be you a mommy, an auntie, a niece, a granny, a sister, a friend. My life is so much richer because of you. I am inspired by your stories. I am inspired by your thoughtfullness, courage and caring. I am blessed.


Vignettes from the Week Past

Holding a contest within our family (children) asking them to guess how much "road kill" money we've found during our walks in the past three years -- and awarding it to Tyler because his was the closest guess for a final total of $86.44! Way to go TDM!

Already finding a dollar and 12 cents for the next go round!

The beautiful birds. The unusual white and grey mottled bird by 108th, the little red headed bird sitting on a broken branch on the ground at Cathy's. Caroline noticed it first. (You know I'm partial to red heads!) and the two little yellow birds camouflaged so perfectly in our Dogwood tree out front. They weren't much bigger than the baby carrots you buy in cello bags. They were a glorious yellow. One of them just belted out a sound so large for its' little tiny body. My beloved and I stood and watched them for the longest time.

Our visits with Silvana and Earl.

Carly and Claire both learning to ride their bicycles without their training wheels.

The amazing scent of eucalyptus in the hot steamy shower. Thanks Amy!

As we were doing a puzzle in the dining room, Catie asking "who turned out the lights?" The sun who made a brief appearance this week, went behind a cloud and it darkened the room. Precious.
The apple tree blossoms in our back yard.

The rhubarb growing in my garden. Can't wait to harvest it!

Speaking to an elderly man in McDonalds. Him telling us that he had to take his wife to hospital that morning. The very sad thing is we know his wife died several months ago. His abject loss is telling on his body. So very sad.

My daddy's peonys growing. It looks like we'll have a few beautiful pink, scented blossoms.

Laughing with my mom about how her new magic memory foam might be senile because it was flat not bumpy! Let's hope it's recovered Mom!

The blanket of pink and white petals mirroring the snow not so very long ago.

My Lily of the Valley ready to bloom.

Cathy and Cliff celebrating their 10th Anniversary on Friday. And the flowers that adorned our garden for that day, still looking fantastic too.

Hege and Darren's new baby son arrived on Thursday-congratulations! Now Mattias is a big brother.

Several walks this week, without the umbrella, but I have to say, when the March winds blow, it feels like March not May!

The two wonderful birth announcements sitting in our family room for two very sweet little girls-Ella and Daisy. We had such predictable announcements in our day. These were made up with such love by their families.

The good news that our former neighbour Eloi is home from the hospital. So happy for Laura and her mom Evelyn!

The wonderful friends on Facebook. Their comments, their pictures! That's a great invention I tell you!

Watching Pappa and Cameron walk down the street hand in hand in front of us yesterday when we went to meet Cathy and the kids coming home from school.

The adorable 11 week old German Pointer in ye Olde Langley Towne. His brown ears were like velvet. Hoping he won't turn out like the one that scared two elderly ladies almost to death on our walk today. Badly trained dog that one! GRRRRRR

Having Catie fall asleep with her little head rested on my chest, facing me. I just started out rubbing her little back.

The uber-noisy, annoying motorcycles on our walks recently. Grrrrrrrr

All the young girls dressed up and ready for action at McDonalds last night. On our return walk heading home, passing a group of young men (teens) and the scent of aftershave as we passed them. Ahh to be young again.

Cathy's little shoes that almost mirrored the ones I wore with my going away outfit. Hers are trendy canvas, mine were leather, but oh so much alike 40+ years ago. The big wheel.

Our "natural, self seeding garden" beside our house is starting its' return again this year. It is amazing to me how beautiful things can grow with very little TLC and yet be so lovely. I think there is a message in there somewhere!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Happy Tenth Anniversary Cathy & Cliff!

Wishing our kids a Very Happy 10th Anniversary today!
Where has the time gone?
You two look as wonderful today as you did the day you wed.
We love you very, very much,
Mom and Dad

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Going, Going, Gone.....

Yesterday afternoon's trip to Cathy and Cliff's started with a lovely surprise, all 8 of them were walking home. I whipped out the camera and actually got a half decent shot off. What do you think? Looking pretty wonderful for a couple about to celebrate their 10th Anniversary tomorrow!

While the majority of the family left to go to see the doctor, Cameron, Carly and Catie stayed home with Pappa and I.

While Cameron investigated Club Penguin,

and Catie completed a puzzle we brought from our house,

Pappa took Carly outside to help her learn to ride her bike without her training wheels. She balanced, he held her up. She peddalled for all her life while Pappa held his hand on her back, running, veering left, veering right. It worked! She rode that bike-look Pappa, no hands! The sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon. Unfortuantely for Carly, it was too bright out for Nanny and her display on her camera. I couldn't see a thing through it! You'll have to fill in the rest of the pictures with your imagination! But her smiling face says it all!

Then when Claire came home from the doctor (so glad your ear is all better Claire), she too wanted to learn without her training wheels. Again, fill in the blanks. Seriously. That's Claire about to whip by. She was scooting about in a flash, she was so ready. And of course very proud of her newfound skills.

Then Cameron got his bike out and they were all riding! Where is your helmut Cameron???

Then Caroline got out the soccer ball and played with Pappa and later on Grandpa. Look at her!

And then Nona and Grandpa came out to cheer everyone on! Which was awesome because we were all there to share this momentous milestone in a child's life.

And all the while, little Coco slept soundly in the van after her needles at the Doctor. Look at our little sleepyhead.

What a great afternoon!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Happy Second Birthday Caroline!

Our little beauty, our little prize, she's growing up before our eyes!

A very Happy Second Birthday to our darling Caroline Mae.

Nanny and Pappa love your deep voice.

How when you were learning to say the word apple and we tried to capture it on video you wouldn't say it, that is, until the camera was shut off!

Picking you up after your afternoon nap. How you put your little head down and cuddle in the rocking chair.

Your huge, big smile!

Standing at the front window when we arrive, all smiles and happiness.

Arriving in the door, you standing there looking up at us, so happy to see us.

Still wanting to be picked up and carried around.

Playing blocks together. I stack'em, you knock'em down!

Colouring with you.

The time I was caring for you and your siblings and finally putting away the last armload of folded laundry, and remembering back how happy I was that I was finished with it and finding you standing in your bedroom doorway holding a huge armload of your clothing that you'd scooped out of your drawer. Showing Nanny that you where just like me! I remembered feeling frustrated, but then laughed because that is how you related to me and with me!

Your deep voice say, goodbye Nanny, goodbye Pappa, even when you were nowhere near us!

Calling your goodbyes to us out the window as we leave.

Talking on the telephone.

So many wonderful thoughts of our darling little Caroline. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, joy, fulfillment and love little one. Happy 2nd Birthday.

Love Always,

Pappa and Nanny