Friday, November 23, 2007

Our First Official Visit

On Wednesday we had our first home visit at Cathy and Cliff's.

The main attraction of course was Miss Courtney. Here are a few shots of the little darling, one in her Pappa's everlovin' arms, and as they had just recently arrived home from a trip outdoors, pictures of Courtney in her cousin Abby's carseat. Note the special little outfit Aunty Amy bought for her. She looks a real little doll.

The two pictures of Caroline are funny to me. She didn't want to have her picture taken and in one shot refused to even look at me! That's okay Caroline, Nanny understands how you must be feeling! (Note in the background on the top of the fridge, the Gingerbread House the kids made with Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler after they returned from bathing their sister at the hospital-they had a pretty full and wonderful day!)

Catie was way too busy bouncing off the walls and rolling on a green balloon so no picture of Catie but she was most certainly present. So full of life and laughter!

Pictures to Share

It's hard to believe but a whole week has passed since our baby granddaughter Courtney was born.

Last Friday I spent some of the day with Nona and all of the day with the Fab 5. The telephone kept ringing and ringing -- never the right person on the other end of the line! Finally the call we had all been waiting for came. Beautiful little Courtney Elizabeth arrived all pink, and tiny and safe and sound.
Here are some pictures of our day waiting for the big event!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Courtney Elizabeth

I invite you to travel over to our middle daughter April's blogspot to take a peek at our newest addition. Shhh, baby sleeping.

Can you tell we are madly in love with her already?

Friday, November 16, 2007

This Family Welcomes . . .

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of our family's newest member, born at 5:30 p.m., weighing 7 lbs. 8 ozs., a sweet little bundle of love, with a precious tiny little round head and face, and dark hair.

Courtenay Elizabeth! She is a real little doll!

Mommy and Daddy and all the older siblings, Cameron, Claire, Carly and Catie (except perhaps for Caroline, who's too young to realize what a big change is awaiting her) are delighted, especially Carly who knew all along it was going to be a little girl! Tomorrow Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler will dress them in their Sunday best and take them to meet their little sister.

Mommy looked georgous, I wish I knew how to download my pictures so that you could see for yourself, and while she was tired, she was feeling good. That daughter of ours is amazing.

We are blessed.

Welcome to the family little Miss Courteny.


Thursday, November 15, 2007


She's been admitted!
Stay tuned!

Is Tonight the Night?

I am so excited, my son-in-law called and said that Cathy may be admitted to the hospital tonight. She at the hospital but hadn't been admitted, she's having an assessment done, and her doctor has been called-so only time will tell!
Sending a prayer up to the heavens that this new life arrive safe and sound, be a joy and a delight to his or her parents, and an inspiration to others as she or he grows.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Our Week in Review

Last Saturday, all of our family, minus the lively grandchildren, all got to sit at one table and enjoy my nephew's wedding. The Groom looked so handsome. She looked so beautiful!

Got to dance with my beloved - Hey Ya by Outkast and a family wedding favourite Rah Rah Rasputin (I don't even know the real name, never mind the spelling) by Boney M! Such fun!
All of my nieces and their partners, looked so good! So happy, so lively!

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words and this one of my Sister, the mother of the groom and her son, attests to that. She was so happy, her face was beaming all night long.
Uncles from Ontario with their wives came out to see their nephew married.
My Mother Laura, was the classiest lady there so beautiful in her blue dress. My dad loved her in blue. Each time one of her grandchildren marries, she writes a for them, theirs was titled Heavenly Bliss. When she passed the Head Table, all of the wedding party hi-fived and cheered her, she was and is, our resident rock star!
The gifts were generous and wonderful, and now the happy couple is off on a honeymoon.

Sadly the next morning we received word that an old and dear friend, Bobby Poole in California was recently diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. That just breaks my heart. We are sending you our love Bobby and Tricia.

On Sunday morning, we headed to church for our pastor's last Sunday with us. He and his beloved are full of huge and wonderful plans. They are as he said: going off the grid. We will miss them terribly, but can't wait to get to their remote new home in the Springtime.

On Monday and Tuesday, I worked on Worship planning. Trying to find pastors to fill in until we can find a permanent one, organizing the order of service, now that's a lot of work! One week down, how many more to go before we find a new pastor?

On Wednesday, my beloved and I had dinner with our Bishop and then onto church for a joint meeting of Council and the Call Committee.

On Thursday, we went shopping for fun gifts and practical gifts for the goodbye dinner for our Pastor. We had such fun finding the right things, survival items, such as duct tape, thermal blankets, toe warmers and waterproof matches. Also a hand cranking radio. I'm betting they tried it out today if their power was out!
On Thursday night, my beloved packed up the last of the We Care Kits, the boxes were taped and marked and awaiting pickup on Friday morning. Yea, I got my office back!

On Friday, lunch with my handsome brother and sister-in-law and our mother. If my beloved was typing this he would have said with my beautiful sister and brother-in-law. You see my brother married my beloved's sister. That's why I feel like my beautiful nieces are just like my very own daughters! I felt so bad that Cathy and her brood of 5 were all home that day on a proD day. Had I only known, we would have gone over to lend a hand!

On Saturday, made lazy cabbage rolls, went for a walk, completed the plans for the goodbye dinner. Got to church, helped set up the hall with tables, candles and flowers, etc. I am sure that anyone who has ever participated in a church pot-luck will tell you that: one, there is always way too much food; two, it's hard to single out one dish over the other, because all were so delicious, and three; the dessert table rivals and rivaled the dessert table at my nephew's wedding banquet! My beloved did such a great job MC'ing. I was and am so proud of him! Loris and Terry really liked the fun gifts, the tributes, the entertainment and I am sure once they got home, and looked in the envelope, they would be pleased with the cash gift from our congregation. More than that though, I hope they thought they were sent off in style, and that they are well loved and are going to be greatly missed.

On Sunday, off to church for our first worship without our Pastor. As we couldn't find a Supply Pastor, a young man in our congregation led us in worship. This fine young man, should skip pre-law and UBC and head straight to the seminary. The Bishop has his name!

Today, we travelled to Ladner to see our Grandaughter Abby, and her parents. What a great day, it was so good to visit with them. Visits had been non-existent since April went back to work. I miss our weekly visits to Ladner! Sadly at first, our little Copper-Top made shy with us because it's been too long since we played together. Thankfully by the time we left she was literally eating out my hand, playing games and smiling at us and playing coy.
While our power flickered and went out for a very short spurt, my sister and my mother didn't fare as well. My sister, an electrologist had to cancel almost a whole day of appointments, that hurts the pocketbook. While I was on the telephone with my mom just a short while ago, she was lamenting that Dancing with the Stars was coming on and she was going to miss it! Would you believe, two seconds later, on came her lights! Yippee Mom, Yippee Madeleine!
All in all, a very busy week - it's a good thing I'm retired is all I can say!
Wishing each and everyone a good week. Try and put your feet up once in a while, I know I am! Well, I promise I'm going to try.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Going To the Chapel

Wishing my youngest nephew, Bryan and his soon to be, wife, Angela, many blessings, love and adventure.
We are all so very happy for you and are delighted that we will be there to witness your vows.
Blessings on your journey of discovery, love and commitment!