Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy 2007 to each and everyone. May it be healthy, happy and joyous!

I know for Pappa and I and hopefully Cameron too, we have had a blast this weekend, eating bridge mixture, juices mixed with 7up, oatmeal for breakfast with brown sugar and cinnamon, Swiss Chalet for lunch with GG and Auntie Maddie, Church this morning with Pastor Ken preaching at Trinity. Going down the big hill on 104th that can be very scary, and seeing the huge Canadian flag hanging down because there wasn't enough wind (a novel idea especially lately). Tonight's dinner consisted of homemade Pizza with Pepperoni, just the way Cameron likes it.
Cameron and Pappa had several games of chess, Pappa said he is so much better at than the last time. Countless games of Kerplunk (Thanks Aunty Amy for the vintage game!, even G.G. had a go with Cameron and lost!) We read several chapters of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory--we cut it off tonight just as we were about to meet the Ooompa Loompas. All in all -- a pretty darn fine weekend to celebrate the new year. We rang in the new year with New York via CNN blowing horns and throwing streamers and the party animal is now asleep! God Bless Him.

I include three pictures here, and as I never know what kind of order they will come out in here's a brief description. One is of our very first New Year together when Cameron was only 4+ months old, we brought in a brand new Century together. The other two are from last year 2006 wearing paper hats, and tonight's photos ( you can tell which one this is as we look a little older (that would be Pappa and Nanny!)
May you all have happy memories of New Years past and present, God Bless Us Everyone!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

New Year's Is Almost Here!

How do I know? Well, our Grandson is here a day early. He got his haircut today and skipped the skating in lieu of a trip to the Mall with Pappa and then a few chicken mcnugs at you know where! Pappa 2 days in a row, what happened to you?

Here are a few crazy shots of our beloved Grandson with new haircut! He looks so much older with this cut.

We just finished a Christmas like dinner of roasted chicken, broccoli, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce and buns. While I'm blogging Pappa and his Number 1 Grandson are washing and drying the dishes-I like having 2 men in the house! As soon as they are finished, Kerplunk and hillarity will ensue.

Well, they are done now, so I'm blogging off.
. . . Now where did I hide the Bridge Mixture!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Light Four Candles to Watch for Messiah

Light Four Candles to Watch for Messiah, Let the Light Banish Darkness

Today the fourth candle will be lighted today at our church and in our home in anticipation of the Nativity of Our Lord.

My work at Trinity Lutheran is done, the bulletins are ready for the morning service and the 2 candlelight services to be held tonight and Christmas Day worship. Our Pastor, Terry, was so excellent, he produced hard copies of all of the Christmas and post-Christmas bulletins, which made it so much easier for me to get out of the office early yesterday.

At home, the majority of our preparations are done, we are ready to receive our family on Christmas day. If it weren't for our family coming over, our house would look like it were any other day of the year, but as we have our Grandchildren and children coming, we couldn't disappoint.

Pappa put up lights and snowflakes in my office, also known as the children's dining room. The jewels for the jewel pie are ready, the nanaimo bars are made. I usually do more. Not this year. All of the presents are finally wrapped. We went out for a nice dinner at the White Spot. We reminisced and reviewed our year, just Dick and I. It was nice. When we came home I wrapped the last 2 presents and sat down in the living room with Dick. You know, we don't use this room nearly enough. Note to self, be sure to take time out and sit in there more often. Dick had some Kalua (spelling), I my scotch and 7.

I still haven't found the hidden pickle in our Christmas tree. Dick has hidden it extra well this year, but I'll bet Claire with her eagle eyes will find it right off, perhaps--I had one scotch too many!

We call Claire, Claire-voyant. Weeks ago Claire told her mommy that Nanny has bought her the doll she wanted for Christmas. How did she know that? Could it have been when Pappa measured her in the doorway, on a wall in a closet under the stairs and the dolly was sitting right there, in a bag, with the top showing? Probably. But she will be happy to get it no matter what. Isn't it amazing though at the age of 5 she didn't say, Nanny why is that dolly in the closet? It must be the magic of Christmas.

To each and everyone reading my blog, I thank you for checking in. May your Christmas festivities bring you some magic too.

I wish each and everyone of you a Very Merry Christmas, and a Joyous, Healthy New Year!

With love, Allyson xxxooo

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Memories

This is a picture of my sister Madeleine and I taken at a McGavins Bakery Christmas Party. When I look at my sister (on the left) I can see how much her son Bryan looks like her, super amazing. I saw him the other day at my dear father-in-law's memorial and when I looked at him it was like looking at my dear Dad. But I digress, what else is new?

I must have been 2 nearly 3 or possibly, 3 nearly 4, when this was taken and if I was 2, Maddie would have been 5 or, 6 if I was 3. My hard working mom made the lovely outfits for us. I don't know what colour they were, I should ask her that shouldn't I? But I know the leggings and coats were made out of one of her old winter coats. I wonder whose old coat the muffs, collars and buttons covers and hats were from?

Ah the good old days of yore!

The Third Sunday in Advent

Light Three Candles to Watch for Messiah, Let the Light Banish Darkness

It is so hard to believe that tomorrow the third Advent Candle will be lit.

This month of watching and waiting has also turned into a To Do List 100 items long. So much to do, so little time seems to be the cry of most of the people you talk to. As organized as we were with the bulk of the shopping list ticked off, it feels like I'm running on a gerbil wheel.

However fast your gerbil wheel is spinning, I hope you have time to reflect, dream, love and be loved.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thinking of You

E and S,
Our family sends its love. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Second Sunday of Advent

Light Two Candles to Watch for Messiah, let the light banish darkness.

It is so hard to believe that we are now officially half way to our Christmas celebrations. And in so little time how life has changed for our family.

Last Sunday we celebrated my dear father-in-law's 90th birthday, you may have read about it in one of my darling daughter's blog. We were all so very happy to all be together, with the exception of our youngest, Amy and Tyler. So many lovely pictures were taken, there were laughs, there was tenderness, there was happiness tinged with sadness as our beloved Opa was frail, but he was smiling and enjoying himself so. Very sadly by Tuesday morning Opa was taken to the hospital after he had a fall during the night and sadder still, in the early hours of Friday morning he slipped the surley bonds of earth.

These last few days have been a rush of emotions, memories and planning for his Memorial on Wednesday. If you are reading this, we ask that you remember Opa's entire family in your prayers.

We loved you deeply Opa and we miss you so very much. May God comfort all who mourn.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

This Is Not A Christmas Wish List!

With visions of Sugar Plums dancing in most children's heads, my darling, my one and only Grandson wrote out his New Year's Wish List! How I love that boy!

Last year we had the pleasure of his company and we played games, made pizzas, he had a haircut earlier in the day, we laughed, we pretended to direct an orchestra, the whole 9-yards of fun. And here's the thing, he remembered more than I did about the day, so I asked him to write me out a list to remind me of what it was we did. Hence the wonderful Wish List.


Kerplunk, Aunty Amy's old game

Pizza (homemade) Pepperoni-for him


Chess (with Pappa)

Ice skating (optional)!!!!!

Hair Cut



Chocolate covered Peanuts (and other stuff) = Bridge Mixture

I don't know about the rest of you, but I can hardly wait for New Year's Eve day.