Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Claire, Beautiful Claire

Today we celebrate Claire!

It is her 8th Birthday today, and when I look at this first picture of her taken when she was a mere week or two old, I am in awe all over again with this little girl. She was so tiny, had arrived very early 20 or so days early I believe. Arriving full of gusto, our little Diva. Her Aunty April who had previously held the crown, Princess passed it onto Claire and she wears it well.

The stars say it all. Claire is playful. She is loving. She has the best laugh. She loves to help cook, slice and dice. She says she wants to be a baker like her G.P. (my dad was a baker all his life). I personally would love it if she were. We need artisans to bake our bread--the staff of life.

You can see the playfulness in this darling little face. Claire won't be bothered or scared off by superstitions. As you can see she will go out of her way to negate them. Our free spirit!

I love this photo of Claire. I had just taken her to the optimologist and he gave her the sticker, which she wanted on her cheeky little cheek. Look into those wonderful eyes, they just draw you in.

The next three shots were taken of course at her Aunty Amy and Uncle Tyler's wedding which also happens to be exactly 1 month ago today! Happy first month anniversary!

I see the young woman she is growing into. A glimpse into her future. A confident young lady is our Miss Claire.

While all around her others chat, Claire feels the joy, the love, the exuberance of life and lives it. I believe the song, "I Hope You Dance" was written with her in mind. This picture captures her to a T!

Yes Claire is our star, the centre of our universe, especially today. When I captured this photo, even the overhead light found her and put her in its spotlight!

Up, up and away darling girl. We don't know what wonderful journey lays ahead for you, but we know with you in it, it will be exciting and wonderful! Have a wonderful journey through your 8s Claire Allyson. Pappa and I love you to bits!

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Tuesday's Treat

This pretty little bouquet of Carnations was recycled from Amy's Wedding Bouquet, which I took home from Oma's hospital room, and her sister Cathy's bouquet which in all the hubbub of checking out after the wedding brunch she forgot to retrieve from the table.
I just love carnations, they last forever, they look so delicate and pretty and if you're lucky they have this wonderful scent.

Happy Tuesday everyone.