Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!

Today is our adorable Abby's 3rd Birthday. Even though I knew it was coming, I can honestly say it makes me stop and recalculate her age. Can it be? The time for her Pappa and I at least, has flown by faster than Christmas Day.
Abby, you are the sweetest little girl imaginable. Your soft voice when you speak to us on the telephone, the way you love your books (she has 100s of them) scattered in baskets in her room, in the living room, even a Potty Book in the Bathroom!, your love of animals and the sounds they make as you imitate them, playing with playdough and bubbles, pretending to sleep, not looking at Nanny's camera everytime she points it at you (can't say I blame you honey, Nanny used to run away from one when she was a little girl), your laugh, your vivid imagination, your phrase which cracks me up~"I do not want to do it!", how quickly you can put together jigsaw puzzles that are for children older than you, your inquisitiveness. I could go on and on, like how much joy you bring to your Daddy and Mommy, how the children at your daycare love you and how you are with them in return. How each time we visit, I don't want to leave your precious side.
Abby, your Pappa and I love you so very much and even though you will be out celebrating Thanksgiving today with another important side of your family, your Daddy's side, we look forward to giving you loves and loves and loves on Monday when our side of the family gets together! Happy 3rd Birthday darling Abby. We all celebrate YOU!
Have a wonderful day today

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Abby Time

Last week while Abby's caregiver was prepping for her son's wedding and therefore her centre was closed, I had the priviledge of falling truly, madly, deeply in love with our Granddaughter Abby all over again.

I arrived on Monday evening and stayed until just past noon on Friday. During that time Abby and I got reaquainted with each other over many half-eaten meals, bathtime rituals, walks in the garden, searching out toy snakes, leaves, berries, balls and puddle jumping, napping with each other, visiting the local library, reading and re-reading lots of books, making apple betty and wearing silly hats and matching glasses. April and Nick have done an amazing job raising this little ginger-hair girlie. They have much to be proud of. Abby has a wonderful sense of humour, a soft little voice, no butt! and an awesome imagination. One of the things I found out about her that I hadn't know before is that she loves buns. She is a true Great-Granddaughter of my Baker Dad! It was a wonderful few days and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Wonderful News!

Like a momma hen sitting on her nest, I have been holding on to the most awesome news. . . our baby, Amy and her handsome husband Tyler are expecting their first baby!

These two pictures were taken on the afternoon of the big announcement!

Back in August, August 9th to be precise, we had an "immediate" family only picnic and it was at this fun family event that they sprung their welcome news! Their little one is due in Mid-April. This will be Motor and Diesel's 10th Grandchild and no matter what number of Grandchild she or he is, we are over the moon, delighted and excited.

While Amy is "constructing" their little bebe, Tyler is "constructing" their heritage home. It will be, I'm sure, a race to the finish line! Congratulations Amy and Tyler, we couldn't be more excited!