Thursday, June 17, 2010

Time For A Change

Several years ago when I started on this blogging adventure, I was at a loss for a title, so I blithely stole my daughter Cathy's moniker and added an apostrophe s Mom and became Murrayville Mom's Mom. Since that fateful day our middle daughter April started blogging under The Besth Blog (The Besth Life) and then the title of my blog really didn't seem appropriate at all!

Well, times and tides change. Soon the Murrayville Mom Blog will no longer exist and starting today, neither will mine.

I invite you to hop on over to my new blog: Motor Mouth Mom.

Please be sure to change your rss feeds and follow me there.


Anonymous said...

Love your new blog Motor - and I love the explanation as to how the blog name was born. Looking forward to reading many, many more postings in the years to come.

(I tried leaving you comment on your new blog but it wouldn't let an anonymous user leave a comment.)

xo Amy

Anonymous said...

i'll be following A.A.! xo andrea xo