Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Feeling Sad Today

Our daughter Cathy and husband Cliff along with their six little children are moving tomorrow. Oh I know on many levels that I shouldn't feel this way. But feel it I do. They aren't moving too far away, only about 65.5 km (checked it out on a google map) which translates to about an hour away vs. 20 minutes. We will obviously still visit, have wonderful celebrations, great chats and lots of hugs and kisses, we just have to go a little farther out to do so. It's psychological.

All of a sudden all of our children live about 45 or 60 minutes away. Feels weird and lonely in The Grove. It's psychological.

I know, we can Skype (if my computer doesn't act up) and of course I expect daily pictures (moving if possible) of all the goings on. It's even going to be long-distance telephone calls. It's psychological.

Enough of my pity party.

We just know they are so very happy with their decision. A lovely home, even relatives close by, just not us! The kids are excited and a little scared too. The unknown, new friends, new schools but the also lots of new adventures, new places to explore and share with us.

Cathy, Cliff, Cameron, Claire, Carly, Catie, Caroline and Coco, may God bless you in your new home. May you have more happiness than you thought possible, more joy than you thought possible and have wonderful new adventures. We love you dearly.

cathyempey.com took this beautiful picture of their children last Sunday

Goodbye Murrayville Mom,
I Love You,
Murrayville Mom's Mom


The Hoegler Family said...

I hope you get to go visit soon. And I wish the 8 C's a good move.

Love, Hege

Allyson said...

Thanks Hege! xx

Anonymous said...

just like i said to cath the last time we had a "coffee date" (our "last" coffee date!), its not like they are moving far, far away but still it's further than where they were. i will miss them here, so close... that just means that we'll have to make the visits when we get together more memorable than the last! a good idea for them for you guys for holiday gifts (m.d./f.d./xmas etc) would be gas gifts cards lol! andrea xo